Wednesday, June 5; Chromoscope

Wednesday, June 5:    Magenta

There is so much to be heard, and so few people who are listening.  This will become very clear to you today as you speak and no one seems to respond to what you are saying.  Rather they seem to be carrying on some sort of weird monologue that has only to do with an endless repetition of the same thing.  You can find yourself wondering if you might have just stepped into an unrehearsed episode of the Twilight Zone.  And perhaps you have.  The day’s energies are so disconnected from what has gone before that it will be quite difficult to get any sense of bearing, any feeling of familiarity, any concept of what is going on.  Because of this, you need to ground, and not just only in the morning, but as each and every time you encounter the weirdness, the strangeness, the odd, the unusual.  In grounding you can gain the necessary perspective to see what is happening.  In grounding you can find what you can hold onto.  In grounding, you will know where safety lies.