6/12 Chromoscope

Wednesday, June 12:    Lily White

Well, you could come out smelling like a rose but especially if you stay true to WHO you are in all you do today.  There are going to be some challenges coming along that will put you in a situation in which you might try to ‘psych’ out the right answer or the proper response.  Forget about it.  (As they say in NYC.)  Do what is right for you.  So many things do not matter anymore.  You need to remember that there are a lot of people out there who are not hearing what you say anyhow.  For them, it is just the “Blah, blah, blah,” like in the Charlie Brown cartoons.  So why not go for what you believe in and let the chips fall as they may.  You can be incredibly amazed by the responses you will get.  Oh, and there is something you had been waiting for and it can come today if you just go ahead and speak your truth.