06/11 Chromoscope

Tuesday, June 11:     Blue Diffusion

There are things that you are wanting to get done today, but stuff can get in the way.  This is a day for patience and observation.  And a sense of humor.  Pay attention to things that get in your path.  Each is a kind of a message.  Moreover there is an element of synchronicity in the air today, and these things will build on top of each other.  There is something that is trying to get your attention.  You have been ignoring it, but it will be there today quite obviously. That means that at some point you will need to disengage from stuff around you for a while.  If you are in the midst of something when the realization hits, then just step back, honor it, and allow yourself to hold onto it in the back of your soul until such a time that you can work with it, experience the myriad facets, and find the joy within.  The pattern is merging and along with that, your place in the pattern.  There are some important pieces coming your way today.