The theme this week is watch what you wish for.  This will be coming up in all areas — your personal life, communities, cities, countries, politicians, nations, corporations, etc.  So expect there to be a lot of movement in terms of dealing with the past, facing the future, and owning up to stuff.  All in all a most curious week.

Overall Color for the Week:     Chocolate

Desire, passion, fulfillment, disappointment, these are all things that will be coming to the fore this week.  You are in a situation now when a kind of tiredness is setting in.  This comes from a sense of having waited so long and not feeling as though there has been any positive response.  Moreover, and paradoxically, it is related to a sense that things are happening but not as you expected.  There is much emotion in the air this week.  Allow yourself to feel.  It is all good.  These feelings hold a truth, a new realization, that needs the water of tears in order to grow.  This is a good week for knowing who your community is and for being in contact with them.  There is support on all levels in that.  What you are feeling, they too are feeling and it is a good idea to share.

On the larger scale, there is a huge shadow over the earth this week.  It will make itself known in outbursts here and there.  Gaia is moving, and she is wanting to come out of the darkness that has been placed upon her by the work of men.  She will bring new light into the Earth this week in her own way.  Look for this.  The ley lines are becoming more and more activated.  Perhaps you will be feeling a tug to another place.  Honor it.  Take a look at it and research the area that is calling out to you.  There will be shifts also within certain political areas as things get shaken up on many different levels.  Expect an outburst from the population of a small country that has been held down for many, many years.  This is not necessarily political, but perhaps related to the use of GMO seeds or unhealthy practices.  The stock market will have a crazy ride, but will generally end the week on an upturn.  There is a new light coming upon the political scene, a popular figure, a person of the people.  Look to the area in which this happens.  There is an old, old secret there left from the Seed Race.  There is also a new kind of challenge to the human body that will be making itself felt.  It is both a physical thing as well as a magnetic thing.  It can disrupt the electro-magnetic field of the body.  This is not good.  It is not clear just who is behind this, however it will be making itself felt first in the world of the animals where it is being tested to determine the effects upon herds.  The week is crazy as craziness becomes the theme for those who are wanting to maintain their control.  The foundation, however, is irrevocably shaken.

Monday, April 15:    Salmon Pink

There are a lot of things that you have had in the works, and now you are feeling that they need to be done.  You are feeling a new sense of urgency, that you want to remove yourself from a lot of the old stuff that has been hanging around for so long.  The day’s energies give you momentum in this task, moreover they are even pushing you forward.  Accept this assistance and take a second look at many of the things that you have been making excuses for.  The time for excuses is coming to a close.  There is a new light on the horizon, and if you want to see it clearly, you need to make some changes.

Tuesday, April 16:    Silky Red

Things are not going to hold together very well today, and there will be a whole lot of slipping and sliding going on.  Because of this, it is imperative that you spend some time grounding and centering yourself.  When you do this. You will begin to see what is happening beneath the surface.  There is a new understanding that will come your way.  This is going to affect you as the year progresses, especially as you become more aware of the many layers of things.  It is very easy to become befuddled by what appears on the surface.  There is more going on below the surface, and this is true especially today in relationships with people.  It is a good idea to choose your words carefully and to listen well.  You have been waiting for a sign to come your way, and it is coming.  Unfortunately, it is coming in pieces.  Part also of the patterns that are around these days.  If something strikes you as important, even critical, note it.  There is more to come.

Wednesday, April 17:    Slate Blue

This is a day for knowing what belongs to you and what you do not want.  This is true in all areas, including emotions, advice, guilt, fear, fondness, possessions, etc.  There are things that you have held back from doing, being, having, wanting because of stuff that was dumped on you when you were young or perhaps things carried over from other lifetimes.  This stuff is no good and it can trip you up on your path to Ascension.  Let it all go.  The first thing to do is to see these things for what they are.  There will be a number of opportunities today to understand just what this means.  You can find yourself faced with decisions or encountering events that will allow you to take a different approach. You will know them when they arise.  It is time then to go within, into your heart center, into the deep knowing and connection with the Universal Consciousness and to open to that flow.  Wow!  You can just feel the attachments snap away.  They have no power over you unless you allow them to.