And the Booms Go On!

Loud booms AGAIN in Oklahoma, Alaska, Mass, South Carolina, and Indiana Jan 2-6

Why are these mysterious booms being heard so frequently? Maybe not so mysterious, just major earth changes
Why are these mysterious booms being heard so frequently? Maybe not so mysterious, just major earth changes
David Dees

They’re back!

Why are these so-called “mysterious loud booms” being heard so often around the world?

Once again, mysterious loud booms and shaking are back, this time in Oklahoma, Alaska, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Indiana, if in fact they ever left.

Maybe, not so mysterious after all, just major earth changes rattling the planet.

Many people know the cause of the mysterious loud booms and shaking. The powers-that-be have known for decades, but for reasons known only to them, they refuse to inform the public, while others who know the truth of what is happening and will tell are often not believed.

So there you have it – the mysterious loud booms continue and the “cause remains unknown.”

Planet X (Nibiru) is stressing Planet Earth. As earth stretches and pulls apart in stretch zones, loud booms are created by the air above the areas slapping together. For example, the continental United States is being diagonally stretched, roughly from San Diego to the Northeast with a bow or curve developing between Alaska and San Diego. The loud booms being heard and the shaking being felt are the result of a tearing or stretching Earth.

When a fault-line moves, you get an earthquake, but when earth pulls apart, you get loud booms and shaking.

For those living in stretch zones and hearing these loud booms, it might be wise to keep a close check on your home and the ground around you for suddenly appearing cracks and sinkholes, and exploding manhole covers, houses, and gas lines.

Oklahoma, Guthrie and Boley (Jan 2-3, 2013): Mysterious booms heard in Guthrie. People living in Guthrie have been reporting mysterious unnerving booms around town. Descriptions are similar. Very loud noticeable booms were heard twice on Wednesday, Jan 2, between 7 and 9 p.m.; some houses shook slightly. On Thursday night Jan 3, a 3.7 quake at a depth of 6 miles rumbled near Boley, Oklahoma in Okfuskee County (VIDEO).

South Central Alaska (Jan 3): Loud booms were reported from Eagle River to Mat-Su Valley between 8 and 10 p.m., buildings and furniture shook. Those hearing the booms agree it was a strong and persistent noise, not sonic booms. A woman living in Peters Creek heard several loud booms and, after about a minute of silence, a rumble that caused her chandelier to shake. Thinking it might have been an earthquake, she checked online, but (of course) nothing was listed for that time – 8:05 p.m.

(Note: As so many are aware, the USGS downgrades or drops earthquakes regularly from its reports and has been doing so for quite some time now. So, we may never know for sure whether the rumbling and shaking felt in Peters Creek was caused by an earthquake. Ask yourself, why would USGS lower quake magnitudes or drop quakes from their reports?)

Massachusetts, Marblehead and Salem (Jan 5): Salem and Marblehead police officers searched for the source of a large boom that prompted a multitude of 911 calls around 1:34 a.m. They were unable to locate a source. One resident reported a loud boom accompanied by a flash of light near Salem State University. This is not the first time loud booms were reported in this area late at night.

South Carolina, Red Bank in Lexington County (Jan 6): For the past two weeks, Red Bank residents have reported loud booms that sometimes rattle windows and are heard either late at night or early in the morning, most recently on Sunday evening, Jan 6. The FAA and the military have confirmed they are not sonic booms, and USC seismologists have no record of seismic activity in the area.

Evansville, Indiana (Jan 6): Loud booms were reported by many in Evansville on Jan 6. Evansville Dispatch received several calls reporting what sounded like a huge explosion. Nothing was found and neither USGS or the Air Force had anything to report.

For those living in stretch zones and hearing these loud booms, remember to keep a close eye on your home and the ground for suddenly appearing cracks and sinkholes and the like. Remember, there are those “in the know” who will not tell you the truth about what is happening, and there are those “in the know” who will tell you an uncomfortable truth and not be believed.

Who should you believe – those “in authority” who say they are sonic booms (often in the middle of the night?), or should you believe your lyin’ eyes and ears? The choice is yours.