July 29-August 4

Sunday, July 29:    Sap Green

The juices may be flowing today, but it is a good idea to be aware of what they mean, where they are going, and how they are feeling.  There are always those who are not wishing the best for you.  They just might come forward, say things, do things, etc. to challenge your work, your opinions, your vision.  It is time to be centered and strong in WHO you are.  The illusions are always there, and in this energy they pile up in all areas.  Take time to set an intention for the day and allow that to keep you going through all of the ups and downs.  They are there.  You might just be surprised at the people who are there for you and the ones who are not.

Monday, July 30:    Royal Blue

Today starts on a kind of down note.  It is hard to get moving, and then everything seems to be just too much.  Even the simplest activity is enough to push you to the edge.  Hang on, though, for things get better as the day goes on.  Noontime will bring some interesting revelations, things you have been aware of but not really looked in the face.  This will give you the strength to move forward and take some positive action in regard to an issue that has been bothering you for a while.  Having done that, things will look better and better.  You will find that some of the stuff you had dreaded, some things you thought were going to turn out badly actually have resolved themselves easily.  There is an opportunity that is coming you way, and you will get wind of it this evening.

Tuesday, July 31:    Lavender

It is time to get rid of some of the old stuff.  What it is and how you go about it are your choices.  But then again, you can choose to do nothing at all.  Today is all about perspective, and this perspective is all about the choices you want to make in terms of what catches your eye and what is merely background noise.  You have had time in the past few weeks to get some thing in order, to analyze, reminisce, and pick things out.  Today is all about what you have accomplished in these activities.  There is a mirror there.  You can look into it or not.  It will be there for a time, and then it is gone, and the illusion returns.  No right.  No wrong.  When you are ready, then there it is for you.  Take it or not.  It is up to you.

Wednesday, August 1:    Slate Blue

You will be called upon today to show your strength.  It will be at a time when you are feeling vulnerable, perhaps because of something that was just said, something that happened, but you will need to pull yourself together and stand firm.  Start the day with a grounding and centering exercise.  Know that you are powerful and repeat, ‘In all I do, in all I encounter, I stand firm in my power and knowing.’  This will assist you in times of doubt.  There are signs in the air today, and you will be very aware of them.  There is always a helping hand.  If you will reach a out and allow its grace, you can find yourself in comfort wherever you are.

Thursday, August 2:    Red Diffusion

First Full Moon of August 2012:    Tempers can rage today for no reason and in every direction, so set your intentions and ground, center, and go within before going out to deal with all the stuff that is out there.  You have the strength, the resources, the humor to take on whatever comes you way today if you are accepting of all that you can do.  So not only will there be testing on the outside, there will also be the trials of recognizing, facing and accepting the fact that you everything you need to deal with anything and everything that comes your way.  This is a time for accepting and walking into your power.  The choice is yours.  You know what is right.  Go for it.

Friday, August 3:    Dark Violet

There is a bit of whimsy and fun in the air.  The Trickster is about and ready to stick its finger into things.  Keep a sense of humor about you, and remember that the Trickster is not always kind in the tricks that it plays.  Be alert in all situations.  Listen for the hidden agendas, and watch for the body language clues that will let you know truly what is going on.  Things are uncertain, and people are feeling vulnerable and on the defensive.  Do not play into their realities.  Unless, of course, you choose to.  This is a good time to be the observer.  Things are falling into place, and patterns are emerging.  You can have some of those ah-ha moments today if you step back and absorb what is going on.

Saturday, August 4:    Hazy White

You may be looking for clarity today, but it is not there.  Things are muddled and you can become befuddled.  It is part of the crazy energy shift that is coming into motion today and lasting throughout the coming week.  Criticism will not get you anywhere.  It is a time for compassion.  You can find that you are somewhat weepy as things are affecting you in odd and unexpected ways.  There is the possibility of a large event coming before the day is over.  Be ready for anything.  Everything old is new again and vice versa, so you might just find yourself surprised by stuff that you that you thought was soooooo predictable.