Iran Earthquake

Moderate shallow earthquake in Iran

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Moderate very shallow earthquake in Iran
36 km SW Borujan (pop 52,654)
Iran is one of those countries which we always follow very closely as earthquakes in this country are often very damaging even at lower Magnitudes. Today’s earthquake looks harmless according to the Magnitude, but the preliminary extremely shallow depth makes us reluctant. We will try to get more details from the Iranians themselves and will update this text whenever needed.
Update 07:13 UTC : The Iranian Seismological agency reports a Magnitude of 5.1 at a depth of 10 km. Epicenter following the Iranians : 7 Km of Boldaji, Charmahal va Bakhtiari, 12 Km of Gandoman, Charmahal va Bakhtiari, 19 Km of Gahroo, Charmahal va Bakhtiari, 424 Km of Tehran, Tehran.