May 20-26

Overall Color for the Week:    Yellow Orange

This is a week for appreciation, and one of the most important thnigs to appreciate are the people in your life who have and continue to make a difference.  There can be some revelations in this area.  You might be surprised t find out who your real friends are.  Happy surprises are always welcome.

On both the larger and smaller scale, there are patterns, patterns, patterns.  You will be finding a lot of coincidences in what is going on around you this week.  It is a good idea to be aware of what they are and when they happen.  So much is attached to so many other things, that you will want to have a sense of  where and things are beginning to fit together.  This is a week also for miracles, for things you thought could never happen to come to pass.  And this is true in all areas.  Emotions will be strong.  Follow your intuition, even if your intellect is questioning it.  The wisdom of your heart is firmly plugged into Universal Consicousness.  At this time, it is well to recognize that.  If things feel right, and you cannot feel anything wrong, then why not take a chance.  (And, hey, you are always taken care of.  Moreover you have had a big part in planning what your life is and can become.)  Within the next few months things will be so different,.  It is time to do some being-different kinds of exercises.  You will be able to get a lot of practice this week.

Sunday, May 20:    Bright Orange

Annular Solar Eclipse:    The energies today are just crazy as things end and begin in rapid succession.  You can find yourself with your head spinning wondering just what happened here, and then at the next moment shrugging it all off as though it did not mean a thing.  Also, the current vibes favor inappropriate remarks and responses, so if you are wanting to impress someone, when things come  bursting forth, bite your tongue,.  There is a lot of beginnings in this energy also. Be aware of new strands coming to light in your life.  You might want to take some time to remember a dream, or if you find yourself in deep reverie, see what it is that is attracting you there.  Keep your eyes and intuition open today.  Much is happening.

Monday, May 21:   Indigo Blue

There can be a lot of coincidences today.  You might even feel that everything has a shadow or an echo.  While this might drive you crazy, it is important that you be aware when these things happen.  Pay attention to the shadows, the echoes for there is a message in those that is bringing to the light some of the fine tuning and nuances of what is really going on — the words behind the words, the gestures behind the gestures, the expressions behind what is obvious.  This is a day also for compassion, for all are feeling a bit unsettled today.  Perhaps it is a residue of the eclipse, perhaps it is the sense of what is coming.  Regardless, it is a day for noticing, and when you notice, go within to your core, to your place of connectedness, and know what is there.

Tuesday, May 22:    Cloudy Blue

there is something different in the air today.  You might feel it just as you get up.  Be prepared for schedules to change, new arrangements to be made, things not to be on time.  This is a day for flexibility.  If you are ready for anything, you can then appreciates just how you are able to roll with the punches.  This is a great lesson for these times.  There are a lot of ups and downs in the air today, and with them some feeling roller coasters.  Be honest, open, and allowing in your exchanges with people.  The answers are not all there, even though all the parts are, crazy though it may sound.  Everyone is trying hard to get a grip on what is going on.

Wednesday, May 23:    Bright Yellow

There is a hint of mystery in the air today, much of it dealing with past issues and items.  The missing piecesa re beginning to appear through the haze, and you can find yourself making some interesting correlations and realizations.  Your perspective has been changing, and you will find that obvious today as you are faced with certain issues and items today that seem somehow not as important as you would have thought.  The energy of the day is bringing the bigger picture into focus.  This can cause some moments of confusion and changes of priorities.  Step back when these moments happen and take a look.

Thursday, May 24:    Dark Blue

Things can be coming to a close in the day’s energy.  Some of them you will not be surprised about, while with others, you might feel as though you had just begun the work.  There will be questions generated in those cases, and you would do well to take some time to work with them.  Your priorities have been shifting, and the confusion that comes with things happening today will make you aware of that.  The Trickster is out, bu not to play ticks on you , rather to make obvious the tricks that have been going on all around.  He has a way of showing things for what they are and today he will be busy doing that.  You could be surprised by things said or done by people close to you.  This is not a time for judgement, however, rather it is a time for observation.  More pieces of the pattern are emerging.  And it is all very interesting,.

Friday, May 25:    Cloudy Whihte

There are a lot of meanings in what people are saying and doing today.  It is up to you to determine exactly what they are.  Interestingly, the energy is such that is assists in this task.  It brings clarity and shines through to the truth of things.  This is a day for asking hard questions, but only if you are willing to accept the answer, regardless of what it might be.  It is also a day for seeing people as they are and for forgiveness.  Emotions are stirring in this light, and the deep wisdom of the heart can allow you a degree of understanding that you might not always be in contact with.  You will feel more of what is going on within yourself and others, and the sense of alikeness aligned with the recognition of all that life brings opens you to new vistas.  Once you are open, then you will receive.

Saturday, May 26:    Magenta

There are a lot of answers in the air today.  Some of them you may not be wanting to hear, but all of them, after all is said and done, you will be grateful for.  There are things that you have regretted, but today all regret can be done away with.  This is a day for seeing things and people as they are.  Moreover, it is a day for seeing yourself as you are in all your potential perfection and potential and possibility.  The energies of the day favor new starts and second chances.  Do not let this go.  If there was ever a time you were waiting for, this might just be it.