April 8-14

Overall Color for the Week:   Dark Blue-Green

This is a week for lessons, lots of them large, some hard, some easy.  And it is equally a time for no regrets.  When things come your way, step back and take a look at them.  You may find that your perspectives are shifting.  In the new light, you can see things that were not obvious before.  Accept what is happening as it is a way to move you forward.  There is a lot of stuckness that has been going on, and a major shakeup, even a complete reversal, is often the thing that can take you out of what was, turn you around, and open up new ways.  Events that are happening now are exactly what need to happen, and while you may question, blame, angst and whine, know that this is part of the process and the very fact that you are in this place means that you are being given the opportunity for change.  It is easy to take things for granted, accept that they cannot be changed, even to give our power away.  This week gives you the opportunity to step back and see what is going on in your life, while giving you the option to deal with them in a way that is most acceptable to you.  Choices made this week will last.  You are in control of all of this, and decisions made now will be affecting you as the shift moves forward.  Good luck.

On the larger scale, there are lessons to be learned also.  They will come in all areas, politics, economics, travel, medicine, energy, spirituality, etc., etc., etc.  There are some surprises, but mostly confirmations of things that have been going on for quite some time.  The Earth shifts and shudders.  Things in that area will be out of character.  There will be a sense that something is gong to happen, and then there will be nothing.  Some interesting things will be coming to the surface.

Sunday, April 8:    Blue Grey

Easter Sunday:    There is something new on the horizon here today.  You can see it if you wish to.  The last few weeks, have brought you face to face in many ways with people, places, and thing that have been causing you some turmoil.  The current energy is somewhat rough and it is leading you to attempt to deal with these feelings in such a way as to reinstate your comfort level.  Take a look at what it is that is most obvious in the all of this.  Then step back and place it into the larger perspective.  Now is the important moment,  Now is made up of many prior and future nows, You have the ability to set the trajectory for the next moment.  Take time to meditate, create, go within, journal, whatever it is that allows you to reach a new point of comfort.  That will be the basis for tomorrow.

Crystal Vibe:    Hematite — This stone brings grounding and connection.  Resonates with the Root and Crown Chakras

Monday, April 9:    Dark Violet

Things can be a bit rough today.  Be prepared to deal with changes of plan, reversals, setbacks, and delays.  When these things happen, do not react, rather step back and see the opportunities they are presenting to you.  There are new perspectives out there.  It is time to look in other directions for solutions.  A lot of the stuff you have done in the past, relied on in the past, is not longer workable,  And that is okay.  Old lessons and old solutions are no longer applicable in the new energies,  The dimensions are moving and shifting and, guess what….., there is magic in the air.  Truly.  Many things that may cause you concern, anger, whatever, actually are openings to some pretty incredible results.  You must be accepting and allowing, stay grounded in your true heart’s knowing, and in tune with the Universal Consciousness, of which you are a part.  Much can come of this.

Crystal Vibe:    Cathedral Quartz—-The energy of this stone brings together that which is of Earth and that which is of the Universe.  It can bring balance and open to new revelations.  Resonates with the Root and Crown Chakras.

Tuesday, April 10:    Dark Orange

There are questions to be asked today.  Not all of them will get answers.  Some do not need answers.  Some do not deserve answers.  And some answers are not yet ready.  There is an instability in the air today, and it can lead to uncertainty on all levels.  This is not a good time for making decisions, plans, or commitments.  All things are subject to change.  The current energy favors stepping back and observing all that is going on around you. but also how things are moving in relation to what is there.  Patterns are beginning to take form, and you are going to want to know where you stand in the midst of them.  It is advisable to take some time today to go within, to go to your Core, and to discover the power of WHO you are.

Crystal Energy:    Green Sapphire—-The energy of this stone brings hope and comfort in the midst of the storm.  It allows you to go within and know the inner power that can get you through.  Resonates with the Heart Chakra.

Wednesday, April 11:    Lavender

Things will not be as they seem today.  Look through the obvious to what lies beneath.  There are hints of truths that are shaping these times.  This is a day for knowing what it is that you are truly wanting to manifest in your life.  This is a day for recognizing WHO you truly are, in all your strengths and weakness.  Then know that each and every weakness is merely a strength in disguise.  There will be some synchronicities today that are going to assist with a number of issues that you have been trying to resolve.  These events will allow you to see things differently, even open you to some facts about yourself that you have hidden.  Look for an interesting remark from an unexpected source.  It can be revealing.

Crystal Energy:    Strawberry Agate—-This mineral assists in transformative points in one’s life by opening to possibility while closing down a lot of those nagging voices in the head.  It works through the heart.  Resonates with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

Thursday, April 12:    Dark Green

Things that are happening today are largely under the surface.  If you are trying to figure something out, you will need to look deep within the obvious.  The hints are there, as always, but they are at best small glimmers.  The best option here is to step back and let the day be.  That which is hidden will not show itself until the time is right.  The current energy calls for what is out in front, in your face.  It is a good time to deal with big issues that you may have been putting on hold.  As you do this, you can discover that they are not as big as you had thought them to be.  This will assist in changing your perspective and shifting your focus.  Take some time this evening to ground and relax.  Find the quiet center of your core and find the peace that lies within.

Crystal Frequency:    Galena—-This metallic element walks into the middle of the physical and spiritual and creates a bridge and balance.  It can bring healing and a new way of looking at things.  Resonates with the Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras, as well as the eleventh.

Friday, April 13:    Light Magenta

Things will be up and down today, and most of it will not be what it seems.  Take time in conversations and situations to be aware of just what is going on.  Also be sensitive to what is happening at the periphery.  The current energy is bringing in a lot of new and unusual strands.  you can find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed or even on unfamiliar ground.  If this happens, go in and ground.  It is a good idea to keep a grounding stone or mineral with your today, such as hematite, obsidian, black jade or amber.  This can help with brief moments of vertigo.  There is much shifting and slipping right now, and the openness of the dimensions in the current energy will allow those who are sensitive to be affected by it.  It is a good day for connecting with WHO you are on this plane as well as the WHO you are as part of Universal Consciousness.

Crystal Vibe:    Rainbow Fluorite—-This stone also assists with grounding.  It brings into a matrix the various energies that are swirling around and lines them up for easier understanding.  It resonates with all the lower seven Chakras, while connecting with the higher ones.

Saturday, April 14:    Silver-White

There is a sense of unreality about the day.  This will allow for unusual events and occurrences.  You can find yourself meeting with strange people, and then wondering whether that really happened.  There is also that sense of longing and melancholy.  Do not let it get you down, rather see it a s a gift from the past to the present bringing those various times and events together and into focus.  There is a possibility of some significant happening today.  You will not need to plan or anticipate.  It will come as it must.  And you can see in it anew reflection of WHO you are.