March 4-10

Overall Color for the Week:    Pinkless Pink

This week can bring some physical issues, including a strong sense of tiredness.  Honor them when they come, and see them for what they are.  We are all changing as the new energies fly in and disrupt a lot of old patterns and ways of being.  The shifts and changes are affecting everything, even your sense of reality, of time and space.  Some people refer to the aches and pains as symptoms of Ascension.  Whatever you might wish to call them, they are there and must be seen for what they are.  In some cases, they can relate to real body issues, and you will know these by speaking with your inner wisdom.  If you feel fatigued, take a rest.  There was a Zen Master who, when asked of his path to enlightenment, responded, “When I am hungry, I eat.  When I am tired, I sleep.”  And so it is.  This week brings completion in many areas.  You may find yourself finishing projects that you had put on hold for a long time, making a call that you had been waiting on, having a conversation you dreaded, finally making your first Tiramisu, etc.  There will be a strong joy of accomplishment in these things.  You will come out of them with a sense of lightening up some of the load you have been carrying.  IT is time now to look to the future and what it si that truly fits WHO you are coming into.  Take time to be with yourself, to journal, to dream, to draw, to open to the energies of your Core Self.  There is much to be learned this week of the past, the present, and the future.  Start the week out grounded.  Trust your intuition, and work from the true knowing of your heart.

On a larger scale, there is clarity and again, there is confusion.  Things that are said can be retracted, sometimes in the same sentence.  There have been actions taken in regards to peace making, but this week will see all of that fall to pieces, along with the possibility for renewed and even new conflicts arising.  Even as this happens, many in the military will begin to question the worth of all the fighting.  As the year progresses, you will see movements among people in the military to create a peace keeping force, as individuals stand out for their right to decide whether or not the fight they are being told to fight is something which, for them, is moralistically correct.  IN the political arena, the Trickster is out and about.  Expect to see his finger in much of what is going on right now in this area.  There can be travel disruptions as the weather will be acting up, particularly around the time of the full moon.  The Earth will quiet down briefly, only to roar at the moon.  There is some tragedy-type energy in the wind this week.  And it relates to large scale happenings.  Do not discredit it.  The Sun has many surprises in store.  There can be new discoveries about the nature of the Sun’;s energy which can change a lot of of long held ideas.  The Galactic energy approaches, and as it does, there will be strange things happening in the skies.  Look up, and perhaps you can see indications of this.   This is a week of change and revelation.  Be alert to signs, signals, and symbols.  It is time to accept that everything is shifting.  Know this and go with it.  By so doing, you will be able to observe and even anticipate what is to come, making it a much smoother ride.

Sunday, March 4:    Light Amber

Today is about deadlines, but they are deadlines that really did not mean anything to you.  They were set by other for their own pruposes, and really do not affect you unless you choose it to be so.  Take time to look at yourself, at what you are doing, your relationships, your environment, etc.  Now, look beyond them to what your true personhood is and reflect upon the things that assist and the things that hinder.  There can be some surprises in all of this, but there can also be some moments of tenderness and humor.  You are shifitng, and you need to stop and take a look.  It is the analysis of things that you can see what has changed and where you are going.  It is time to know the real from the seeming.

Crystal Vibe:    Morganite—-The energy of this crystal is all about connection and power, especially the power that comes from the heart.  Resonates with the Heart Chakra.

Monday, March 5:    Dark Orange

There are things that happen and then, there are things that have to happen.  These are the kinds of things you look back on and wonder about, perhaps regret that you did not do something different, or even take the blame for.  It is a good day for knowing that, well, basically, things happen, and while they can be devastating or exhilarating while they occur, they will leave some cause for reflection.  Take time today, when those events pop up to know that there was something there for learning.  There was something there … because you are WHO you are.  This is not a time for regrets, rather it is a time for learning and for putting into place all the various events and things that are happening and have happened.  The pattern is beginning to form. That is the important thing.

Crystal Vibration:    Blue-Grey Zincite—-THe energy of this mineral works with your inner knowing as channeled through the Divine to allow you to speak your own truth.  Resonates with the Throat Chakra.

Tuesday, March 6:    Cadet Blue

There is somewhere, some place, with some people that you need to be, and you have signed on for it.  Today you will look around you and you can make some important realizations.  You have a place in all that is going on, and you need to accept that.  You are working through a lot of the preliminaries, but you are part of the whole, so there is a positive end in sight.  Today there will be hints and directives given.  Accept them. …  You may not know at this point in time what they are all about, however they are pointing to the place to which you are moving and at which you will arrive…. BUt, sigh, if you look for immediate gratification, much of the work that is being done at this time, while falling into place gradually, will not reach final completion until October.  The lights are going on all over, and today, you just need to be with WHO you are and know that the hints that come your way are true.

Wednesday, March 7:  Apricot

Has everything sped up all of a sudden, or is it just you?  There are a lot of questions that will be coming your way today, very quickly.  Do not try to answer them all, or perhaps even any of them.  Oftentimes questions can hide illusions, be posed just to trick you.  See them for what they are.  There is a truth, maybe even a grand question behind them all.  That is what is coming forth in the current energies.  Expect an Ah-ha moment (Although, I guess technically Ah-ha moments are unexpected.  But there you are.)  A lot of things can fall into place.  There is laughter in the air this evening.

Thursday, March 8:    Light Apricot

Full Moon:  fr/the FARMERS” ALMANAC:   • Full Worm Moon – March As the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, earthworm casts appear, heralding the return of the robins. The more northern tribes knew this Moon as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter; or the Full Crust Moon, because the snow cover becomes crusted from thawing by day and freezing at night. The Full Sap Moon, marking the time of tapping maple trees, is another variation. To the settlers, it was also known as the Lenten Moon, and was considered to be the last full Moon of winter.

And now, for the Color Energy of the Day:    It is possible that you will not feel yourself quite right this morning.  This is okay, but you must take a moment to understand what this means.  There are changes on your horizon, as you well know, and you now have the knowledge, information, and intuition to move ahead on those changes.  Old things, although comfortable and predictable, will lose some of their allure starting today and moving forward.  IT is important to knwo what is right for you.  You are not alone in this.  There is a trajectory towards the coming together of the like-minded and like-spirited.  Today is a day on which you might feel yourself impelled in a certain direction or moved to say something to someone.  These are not accidents.  Be aware when they happen.  You will find, as the month progresses, that they are all part of a larger pattern.

Crystal Resonance:    Blue Kyanite—-The energy of this mineral brings heightened awareness of one’s connection to All That Is, as well as to one’s self within this temporal frame. It can aid one in accessing some important data from the Akashic Records.  Resonates with the Third Eye, Crown, and Upper Chakras.

Friday, March 9:

This is a roller-coaster kind of day, which will end with an huge sigh of relief.  Take time to plan something nice for yourself in the evening.  Things will get bumpy in the morning and stay that way for most of the day.  This is not a good day for carrying out crucial conversations.  There is too much confusion in the air.  It will be difficult to get the outside world into clear focus, so just be the observer as much as possible.  If things get tough, take a moment to center and go within.  Listen to the wisdom of your heart.  It is connected both to you and to Universal Consciousness.  By listening, you may find that you can view what is going on around you in a different light.   This is a day on which you can learn a lot about people around you.  Some of it might be a bit disconcerting.

Crystal Vibe:    Stichtite—-The energy of this mineral works with the knowing of the wisdom of the Pleiades and the heart to bring healing and forgiveness, especially in the areas of feelings and emotion.  Resonates with the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

Saturday, March 10:    Light Lavender:

This is a good day to spend some time just enjoying life.  Look around you at the people, places, and things that you love.  Take some time to be grateful.  Spend some time with yourself in acknowledging the lessons of your life and offering forgiveness to those who need it.  This is a day for you.  Do not let yourself get embroiled in what others are wanting, saying, or doing.  Just take the “Oh, well” attitude.  There are many contexts in which we live, and today is a good time to be in the largest one.  This gives perspective on a lot of the stuff that is going on around you at this time.  Moreover, it allows you the freedom to prioritize.  There is joy in the air today.  Do not let it pass you by.

Crystal Vibration:    Jade—-THis stone brings strength and resilience.  It emits a sense of protection and calms the troubled heart.  Resonates with the Heart, Crown, and Ninth Chakras.