March 25-31

Overall Color for the Week:    Blue Silk

This will be an interesting week in so many ways.  You will be discovering things about yourself, about friends, about relationships.  Things are coming out that have been unsaid for so long, and emotions can be at the surface.  It is a good week for stepping back from all the stuff going on around you and taking a good look at things.  You ahve accepted a lot as just the way things are, and you need to be aware of that.  You have the power to make some really important changes in your life.  If you decide to go ahead, you will be surprised by the support that comes your way.  The ups and downs of the week can leave you drained, but the sense of community that is there for you will bolster you up, bringing you renewed vigor.  (Yes, vigor)  This is a week for reading into things.  The context is there now.  It has been formulating itself, but now it has solidified.  The big questions you have been asking have direction, and this week you will see it all is leading.  It can be tough, but if you take time to feel what is truly important in your life, things will be easier.

On the larger scene, things are slippery all over.  The Earth is slipping.  Political situations can no longer remain as they are.  The weather shifts and changes with no real pattern.  The old is gone, and the new is on its way.  The Earth, in conjunction with the Universal Consciousness, is setting her priorities.  There will be many things week who will be choosing to leave.  They cannot accept things as they are and wish to come back when things have settled down.  There is a dark force on the horizon which is clashing with the energies of Gaia.  It is showing itself more and more in politics, religion, art, science, medicine, etc.  As it comes to the surface, it becomes vulnerable.  This will be a rough and tumble week on the larger scene.  There will be things happening in the Universe that will leave astrophysicists scratching their heads.  At the same time, the Sun is showing more uncharacteristic movement.   AS this happens, there will be interesting effects upon the Earth.  The SUn is being affected by the once extra-galactic energy which is within the spheres of the outer planets.

Sunday, March 25:    Cloudy White

Getting up today might be a bit tough.  You might feel a bit achy, just unwilling to get out of bed.  There is a sense of disassociation in the air today, and it can leave you wondering what is going on, why are you here, and what is all this stuff.  Actually, this is good.  You have the opportunity to see things in a new light.  Questioning oftentimes is the first step to creating something new.  Changes are coming your way.  You are making changes, but it has been and remains a gradual process.  In the energy of the day, your perspective is shifting, and you will be seeing things in a new light.  Take advantage of this to look at some old habits and things you have been taking for granted.  You might find that it is time to move on from some of these.

Crystal Vibration:    Larimar—-The energy of this beautiful stone cleanses and renews, protects and supports.  Resonates with the Crown and Upper Chakras.

Monday, March 26:    Magenta

Listen carefully today to things that are being said.  There is more there than you would think.  Right now many people are feeling centerless and lost.  As a result, they are handing out clues to anyone who is aware enough to listen about their state of mind.  Because you can tell the difference, you will know those things that resonate with WHO you are and the things that belong to someone else.  In all things, know that your responsibility is first and foremost to yourself.  If you \desire truly to give assistance to others, then go for it, however it you have second thought, hesitations, questions, honor that.  Any advice you might have will be misunderstood.

Tuesday, March 27:    Teal Green

Things will be muted, understated, and hinted at today.  You will notice it from the first moment.  You might not be feeling quite yourself, as though a cold is coming on, but you also will sense that you have things to do and you cannot let that feeling hold you back.  The day will seem to happen in a fog.  You will hear things when nothing has been said.  You will see things that you question, and you will get a sense about some of the people you spend time with that can leave you wondering what is going on.  The energies are shifting and changing right now and today is a kind of pivotal point.  Because of this, there will be ups and downs in all that you do.  It is important to be grounded and aligned in all that you do.  Take a few moments to breathe, to center, to dwell within your heart.  Surrender to the wisdom of your true inner knowing, and things will become quite, even startlingly, clear.

Wednesday, March 28:    Golden Amber

Things are coming out today, and some of them can leave you feeling lost and confused.  The current energy is largely unstable which is causing a shake up and a rearrangement.  This is a day for being strong, for standing in your power, for knowing what is right for you.  You can find that people you know will be bringing things to your attention, trying to influence your opinion.  It is time to research if you have questions.  There are answers out there, and interestingly enough, you will be stumbling upon just the right person or book or object to bring clarity. And when that happens, it will be amazing, for it will bring with it a sense of pattern, a sense of the larger picture, and a sense that things are moving properly.

Crystal Vibration:    Stilbite—-This mineral brings focus to the healing process.  It can act as guide and comforter in times of need.  Resonates with the Heart and Third Eye Chakras.

Thursday, March 29:    Purple

Today’s energies favor movement, so if there are things you are wanting to get done, you can find that they go quickly and smoothly in the current energy.  If there are things you have been wanting to start, but put off for later, today can be that later.  There is something that will please and delight you that will unfold today.  It is related to a kind of dream or wish that you once had, but had let go of because it seemed so improbable.  Well, much that is improbable can come to light in the current energy.  There is a kind of hiatus in the intensities and things move into a new pattern of flow.  Take advantage of this energy.  It can open you to new layers and levels of things, even of yourself.  Your perceptions are changing, and there is much out there that you will begin to see that you had missed before.

Friday, March 30:    Periwinkle  Blue

This is a good day for beginnings, so if there is something you have been wanting to get started on you will find a boost from the current energies.  Beginnings also, like the Roman God, Janus, look both ways, backwards and forwards.  You can expect along with the anticipation and excitement of starting out on something new, a bit of nostalgia and longing for things that have gone before.  This is not a time for glorifying them, rather see them for what they are.  Honor them for the lessons they have brought ot you and the place they have had in your life.  You are moving towards a new sense of completeness and fulfillment.  IN that process there is the middle space where confusion lies.  But this is only temporary.  There is meaning to this also.

Crystal Vibration:    Copper—-This metallic element works with the energies of the body to improve flow and reduce inflammation.  This is both literal and allegorical, as it can assist in clearing out energetic blocks while revealing the source.  It allows an opening for companion energies.  Resonates to the Throat, Third Eye, and Ninth Chakras.

Saturday, March 31:    Clear

The energies of the day speak of justice and law.  In this flow, people become accountable for their actions.  They can no longer let things slide, and this can result in some strong emotional reactions.  This is a day for stepping backing and observing.  Sometimes things that could be judged as wrong in some contexts are right and proper in others.  There is much that you can learn today if you will shift to the larger perspective and move away from the usual legalities.  Take some time to meditate, that is to move into whatever space that connects you with the Universal Consciousness or the Divine, however you name it or conceptualize it, and receive the heart knowing of what is right and true for you.  There are messages that you are now ready to absorb into your being. .

Crystal Vibration:    Astrophyllite—-This mineral can assist you in focus, both on what is near at hand and the greater picture.  It resonates with the Root, Crown, and Third Eye Chakras.