April 1-7

This week brings with it a lull in the storm.  Take time to go within, to meditate, contemplate, create over what you have learned.  What has changed in your life in the past three months?  Change can be gradual, day to day, but when seen from a temporal perspective, you can get a sense of all that has happened.  There is joy in some of the discoveries that you will be making this week,. some sorrow in others.  Yet you will learn more of the people who are really there for you.  Stay focused and know what is right for you within your deepest heart knowing.  This is a week for realizing that everything is coming together as is right.  There are more changes coming your way, some quite dramatic.  This is a time for knowing your strength and your power.  There are things that you must do, some of them you are aware of and have been putting off.  The larger view that this week provides will give you the impetus and desire to move forward.

On the larger scale, patterns and rhythms will be emerging in terms of weather ‘anomalies’, Earth movements, and changes.  Things will be starting off slowly in this area, and there will not be the volume of activity that there has been before.  This is a period of growth right now, and things will be put in motion that will reach their high points later on.  This there will be evident also in the political arena, both locally and internationally.  Things are brewing this week, and the tipping point will come later on.  The grassroots movements and activities are crescendoing also.  Their power is growing, and they will become a force for larger governmental entities to deal with.  People have seen enough, experienced enough, suffered enough, taken enough and been lied to enough.  They are looking for relief.  They want change.  Communities also are beginning to coalesce.  Be open to your true nature and your true longing.  That acts as an attractive force calling together those of like spirit.

Sunday, April 1:    Silky Red

There will be things that seem to be there today, and this can cause you some consternation.  When you encounter these events, take a moment to get a sense of the surroundings.  There is a shift going on, and as things move and flow, you too are changing and morphing.  You will notice that your taste in some things is changing.  Foods you once used to like are not so appealing any more.  People are responding differently, as are you.  This is a day for being aware of what is going on around you.  The energies of the day speak of flux, and your awareness as things as they flow will be a great asset as time goes on.  There are things going on beneath the surface, and some can come out today.  Save your responses until you have taken more time to look at the circumstances.

Monday, April 2:    Yellow Orange

This is a day for surprises.  It will not be obvious in the morning, as you find yourself falling into your usual routine, but from early afternoon onwards things are going to be in a real state of flux.  This will lead you to new situations and people.  With some of these, there can be a sense of deja vu.  Be aware of that.  It means that there is more going on than meets the eye.  Listen to the cues you are getting from people your work with or family members.  They have things they want to ask and things they want to say, however they are not sure how to broach the subject.  If you are alert, you will be able to read between the lines.  And then, as the evening comes on the biggest surprises will make themselves felt.  Something that you have been waiting for can show itself to be more than what you were anticipating.  And that is good.

Crystal Vibe:    Castle Tip quartz:    The energy of this stone brings healing, calm, and security.  It gives you a place to go to regroup and renew.  Resonates with the Heart, Crown and Eleventh Chakras.

Tuesday, April 3:    Salmon Pink

It is a good idea to put aside the plans you had for today and just let things happen as they will.  If you are too obsessed with being on schedule, you can find yourself frustrated and angry.  This is a good time to let your sense of humor guide you in all the various things that are going on.  Oh, and that question you were needing an asnwer to, it will not be resolved in this energy.  It is best to accept that whatever happens is moving towards a greater plan or pattern, which is  what you have been attempting to bring about, just trying a bit too hard.  Today reminds you that sometimes it is a good idea just to let go and allow things to be as they are.  Have the intention that they will all work out for the best because, more often than not without interference, that is just what happens.

Wednesday, April 4:    Blue

This is a good day for making some changes, for moving on, fort taking a bit of a risk.  You can do whatever it is that you are wanting to do.  Right now things are assuming the pattern that will be fulfilled as this year progresses, and the current energy is one in which you can see more than usual.  This is not a good time for forcing things.  Let them be.  Take time to be with yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses, what you will agree to put up with and what is completely unacceptable.  You have much strength and power if you will allow yourself to realize  it.  If others have advice for you, listen, if you will, but know that people speak advice for themselves, not necessarily for others.  Go within, center, talk to you heart;s knowing, and you can find that today will be pivotal as the months go on.   It is time you gave yourself credit for all that you know and all that you can do

Thursday, April 5:    Blue-Purple

There are things that need to be done and things that need to be realized.  Today there will be a lot of that happening.  The best way to approach this is to take time in the morning to ground and align.  Protect yourself from the distractions that will be around.  They can only hinder the lessons to be learned and the revelations that will be uncovered.  If you need help or assistance, it is there for you.  Ask.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help.  Sometimes the strongest and most powerful thing you can do is to call out for help.  There is much to be learned, people to meet, and stuff to understand.  The energies are parting this week, and what comes forth is a bolt of clarity.  You ahve been working on things, you have been seeing things, you have been experiencing things.  Many of them seemed incomprehensible.  Open to them now, and you will glimpse a bit more of the pattern

Friday, April 6:    Dark Pink

There is strength and challenge in the air today.  You will be encountering some situations that are going to require that you take a second look at things.  Not everything is as it seems.  You will be seeing that today.  This  can require that you rethink some long held convictions, perhaps even move out of comfortable relationships.  Your intuition is strong here, and it is best to follow its urges.  There are things out there that you need to discover, and the time is right for that.  Not everything others have been telling you to do is right or even well advised.  In all you do, be open, but be cautious.  Go within, center, align, ground, and open to the true knowing of your heart.  You can learn some interesting things, moreover you can discover that you have known a lot more than you have given yourself credit for.  There can be some emotions moving to the surface in all of this.  These feelings are cathartic.  They will assist in moving you to the next phase.

Saturday, April6:    Light Green

This is a day of mixed signals and confused comprehension.  Be aware of that and approach everything with a sense ogf humor.  There is not much that can be accomplished by over-reacting.  Look to the people around you. They are changing.  You might find things about them that never bothered you before all of a sudden becoming an issue.  When this happens, take a look at it.  You might want to mention it in a casual manner.  All in all let it be today.  Sit back and see what transpires.