February 26-March 3

Overall Color for the Week:    Frosty White

This week has many challenges attached to it.  There will be much deja vu happening, and it is important that you follow these hints to their core.  Also, there can be some very big surprises and disappointments, especially in regard to people you have come to rely upon, even considered very close friends.   It is not their fault, rather it is part of all that is going on at this time.  And it goes both ways, there are those who will be looking at you and wondering what happened.  There can be some wounds this week, but the scars will bring lessons and perhaps even a little joy — not for a few weeks, though.  It is just how it is right now.  On the positive side, some work you have been doing with no thought of reward will bring some reward this week.  Take a look at it, and look at yourself.  You have been changing, melding, and there are those who are resonating with that.  The general theme of the times, coming together and falling away, remains active.  (And the falling apart can be tough.)

There is a sense that this week will be critical in many different areas.  The energies are poised to clash and do battle.  THe old and the nwe are facing off at this time, and the tipping point has been reached.  You will sense this in what is going on around you this week.  It can leave you with your head spinning, however the greates impact, or at least the most obvious, will be in the outer world.  Do not be surprised by what you see happening, what you hear about, and what gets covered up.  Something is on the move.

On the larger scene, tensions that have been latent, below the surface, will begin to come forth.  You will see this in the political arena, in terms of sabre rattling, in financial blow ups, in media blips, and some real disasters.The Earth can no longer hold onto all the things She has been accommodating for.  Gaia needs her space and the recognition of what her needs are.  This week, there will be some reckoning.  The Galactic energy is coming closer in waves and pulses, so expect some electronic and communications issues.  Watch what you are saying. Things are being said and interpreted in unexpected ways.  The elements of control will have a setback this week as someone brings forth a program or a text on what is true and how to know the truth.  This can send a lot of things into spin.  And some prominent political figures can find themselves in sticky situations.

Sunday, February 26:    Cloudy White

(Happy Birthday, Patsy)    The day begins with a sense of things not being quite right,..  You might find yourself trying to figure out what is wrong, but do not allow yourself to get overly obsessed with that.  Nothing is wrong.  It is just that the focus is wacky. The energetic structure of the day is such that things have no tightly defined edges, hence they tend to meld into each other.  In this atmosphere, it is good not to say too much.  If decisions must be made, contracts signed, etc., it is important that you make sure that each item is tightly defined, otherwise there will be loopholes which will only show up in the future.  A good day to step back and see how things are going.  The shifting and moving is establishing a pattern.  BY being able to follow the steps, you will find yourself way ahead of things as time progresses.

Crystal Vibration:    Tunnelite—-The energy of this mineral assists in opening up communication with other crystals.  This can bring increased awareness, greater knowledge, and a sense of well being.  Resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Monday, February 27:    Bright Green

There might just be a ringing in your ears this morning.  There is really no point in trying to figure out what it all means, rather just accept the fact that it is an indication of the vibrations that are making their way through the air today.  Because of this, people, and you, will generally be distracted (and a bit irritable).  Leave a little room for this and be patient.  It is important to do a centering and grounding ritual, take a moment just to be with yourself.  Connect with your Core, and open your eyes on all levels to what is going on.  Listen to your intuition today as it will be very strong.  There are some situations that it is better that you stay out of.  Things are coming to the surface, and you do not want to be in the way.

Crystal Vibe:    Cookite—-This mineral works with the electromagnetic fields of the body to bring alignment and balance.  Resonates with the Third Eye, Crown, and Twelfth Chakras.

Tuesday, February 28:    Bright Red

(Happy Birthday, Marcy):    The current energies call for knowing exactly where you are and what you are doing.  This is important today because there is a lot of crazy stuff going on around you, and you need to be grounded.  Not only that, but you need to be able to define for yourself just what is happening for you at any given time.  Stay centered and within your Core.  Your need perspective right now, and it is there fort you if you can cut through all the illusion (aka the crap) and see things for what they are.  There have been a lot of things happening in your personal life in the past two months, the energy of the day allows you to see things for what they are.

Crystal Resonance:    Hematite—-Grounding, that is what it is all about.  Grounding and breathing, breathing through a lot of what is going on.  Perspective is part of the energy of this stone. Things can be know  in working with hematite, but you must be ready to face them.  Resonates with the throat, Third Eye, and Ninth Chakras.

Wednesday, February 29:    Quiet Yellow

Yes, it’s a Leap Year!  This is a very even keel kind of day.  It is a good time to step back from everything that has been going on around you, everything that has been making you crazy, everyone who has been bugging you, and just take a rest.  Things are falling into place and the current energy brings a new perspective on everything.  You can feel your priorities changing.  This is a good time for facing your fears.  You are more relaxed, and that in itself makes you feel more in control of how things are.  Look around today and see all that you have created in the past few months.  It is easy to take things for granted and to belittle your accomplishments, but you must be more aware of them, acknowledge them, pat yourself on the back.  In that manner, you can truly see how powerful you are.

Crystal Vibration:    Iolite—-The energy of this stone allows for connection, opening into higher channels of communication and effective action in times of need both for you and others, especially if you are involved in healing.  Resonates with the Crown and Upper Chakras.

Thursday, March 1:    Rose Pink

There can be some surprises in the works today, but, as with all roses, you must watch out for the thorns.  It is well for you to be on your guard as there are those out there who may say they have your best interests at heart, however, they are actually working on their own agendas.  This can mean that, rather than assisting, they can actually hold you back or compromise some of your plans and/or actions.  This is a day for knowing what you know.  Trust your intuition, and look beyond the mere physical evidence of what you are seeing.  There are things in the works today,. and if you listen to the counsel of your Heart, your true knowing heart, then you can discover much and have a profitable and rewarding day.

Crystal Resonance:    Petrified Wood—-The energy of this substance, when studied and meditated with, can bring information of the past and a sense of the movement of time.  It acts as a protective energy in the midst of much of the electronic soup of the current times.  Vibrates to the Root, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras.

Friday, March 2:    Light Pink

(Happy Birthday, Jim)    So, a little lightheartedness continues into the energy of the day.  You are going to be feeling better than you have in a while, but this can make you wonder why.  Let it go.  This is a day for no worries.  This is a day to center inside while watching what goes on outside of you.,  It is a good time to go out and take a walk, smell the flowers, breathe the air, or if you cannot get out, intend the beauty of nature all around you.  There is a sense of belonging within the greater whole and a feeling of community.  It is time to know what that feeling is, for in knowing it and ,making it part of your reality, your community is drawn to you.

Crystal Vibe:    Galena—-The energy of this mineral assists in grounding and centering.  It opens you to balancing the spiritual with the realities of physical existence.  Resonates with the Root, Navel, and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Saturday, March 3:     Dark Blue

It is time for some rest, for a sigh of relief.  This week has brought challenges, realizations, and emotions.  It is a good day for taking off.  There are times when you need to be with yourself, with WHO you are, and this is one.  If you have plans, then it would be well to ward yourself, create a boundary ritual.  Because you are with people does not mean that you cannot also ne firm and secure in yourself.  Look around, there are things that you need to be aware of. Some of them have emotional attachments, but there is no time to get stuck in that.  The message now is what is important.

Crystal Resonance:    Amazonite—-There is a joyous expression in the energy of this stone.  It assists in working through things and bringing about a harmonious result.  Resonates with the Heart and THroat Chakras.