El Hierro Update

El Hierro Volcano : Yellow-Red alert – probable partial collapse of the eruption vent

Update 16/01 – 17:49 UTC
– Regular strong Jacuzzi bursts (among the strongest of the last couple of days)

Update 16/01 – 15:12 UTC
– A partial collapse of the vent occurred at 11:40.  At 11:40, the HT was still at medium strength but the many hydromagmatic explosions were an indication that a partial or complete collapse could happen. Harmonic tremor is minimal at this moment but has a tendency to increase again.

Harmonic tremor in between midnight and 15:00 UTC – image courtesy IGN

Update 16/01 – 14:00 UTC
– Morning images Joke Volta


Update 16/01 – 08:46 UTC
– NO earthquakes have occurred since midnight UTC
– Harmonic tremor decreased a lot since the peak yesterday evening. A possible reason may be a partly collapse of the vent (a process which happens regularly)
– Big stain with a defined jacuzzi area in a Las Calmas sea with a strong surf
– Below more pictures of the opening ceremony of the “Restingolita Info Center” at La Restinga.

Update 15/01 – 10:07 UTC

– Harmonic tremor decreased a little during the night and stands rather low
– calm jacuzzi area but visible stain
– NO earthquakes since midnight

Update 14/01 – 17:16 UTC
– Based on the current and past position of the Ramon Margalef  (gradually and slowly getting closer to the jacuzzi) we suppose that the Oceanographip ship is using one of his ROV‘s to have a close look to what is happening beneath the surface. The ROV’s are able to navigate to deep depths and are manipulated out of a control room on board of the ship. Depending on the visibility, which may be good out of the current, we might be able to look at great video one of the coming days. If the ship isn’t using his rov’s ha may be taking samples of the different waters newt to the vent. Both possibilities are realistic.

for more information, pictures, and updates, go to:   http://earthquake-report.com/2011/09/25/el-hierro-canary-islands-spain-volcanic-risk-alert-increased-to-yellow/