December 18-24

This is a week for paying attention to what is in the skies.  This means not only what is actually in the sky in whatever form it manifests itself, but also what is falling from the skies.  There is information in all of that, and it is well t be aware.  Nature will be most active this week.  Look for strange actions and reactions from birds, animals, and sea creatures.  There will be some announcements made about things going on in the natural world which will contradict long held preconceptions.  Everything is changing at this time.  The very basis of what is true is being challenged.  Things done in the past by experimentation, whether actual or thought, ware beginning to show some holes.  It should be interesting to hear what kinds of explanations will be given for that.  you may need to look to the alternative media for truth.  

Sunday, December 18:    Lavender Mist

Today showcases ups and downs, and lots of those places in-between.  It is a great tme to let yourself go and just do what you can.  there is not judgment in this and no right or wrong.  Take things as they come and do not expect to plan anything definitively.   It is not so much that things will shift, but you will find yourself just floating from one thing to another, and that is perfect.  There is much going on within today, and letting the physical do as it will assists in that process.  At the end of the day, you will feel and know that a lot was accomplished.  You will find there can be great healing in this.

Monday, December 19:    Frosty White

Do not be surprised if people are reacting oddly, even inappropriately, to things that you say and do.  In the day’s energy there is much that is being withheld being reconsidered, being decided against.  People are not willing to take a stand or to go out on a limb.  And for everyone, that is the wisest way to deal with what comes your way today.  Think before you act.  Do not take things at face value.  Take time to look within what is going on.  Trust your intuition and listen to the true knowing of your heart.  Consider, analyze, but no headlong reactions.  There are precipices around, and there are those who would not care were you to trip and fall.  This is a day for knowing your friends, appreciating them, and learning the meaning of trust.

Crystal Energy:    Azulcte—-This mineral assists with balance, especially when one is working with energy healing.  Resonates with the Solar Plexus, Crown and 9th Chakras.

Tuesday, December 20:    Light Lime Green

Happy Chanukah:    This is a day for reading the footnotes.  Not everything is said in the text, and it s worthwhile to get a bit more information.  Sometimes it will be helpful, sometimes not, and sometimes it will leave you with a lot to think about.  Step back fro mall that s gong on around you today, get out of the noise and listen to the quiet voice of the heart.  there is much going on, and the emotions are being touched.  That will continue throughout the week.  it s good to be aware of why it s that you are responding to things in certain ways.  There is a larger context behind all of this that is beginning to come into view.  It is good to be part of it from the start.

Crystal Vibration:    Royalite—-This mineral works with one’s level of consciousness to move through issues and blockages, ultimately to connect with the larger consciousness.  Resonates with the Crown and Upper Chakras.

Wednesday, December 21:    Turquoise Blue

This is a day for dreams and dreaming.  Nothing is too fantastic of outrageous.  take time to meditate, to relax and allow yourself to create the perfect life scenario.  Then focus on that, make it your intention, create some kind of image, word, whatever that will bring this to mind.  It is important to be centered in what your heat’s true desire is.  By so doing, you contribute to it and the manifestation of that on a daily basis.  This is also a day fro observation via all the senses, especially the ears.  Listen well today to what is being said, then go within and feel what lie behind the words.  There are many messages lurking deep within.  Many are feeling unfulfilled, less than, and lacking at this time, and the brave face is often betrayed by a slip of the tongue.  Live today in compassion towards self and others.

Crystal Vibration:    Solution Quartz—-There is a magic in the vibration of this quartz which opens you to the wonders of All That Is, while at the same time focusing in on an answer to a deep question.  resonates with the Crown Chakra.

Thursday, December 22:    Deep Rose Pink

Winter Solstice:    Happy Birthday, Capricorns:    Time and love are major themes today.  There will be both too much and not enough time in the day to accomplish things that you are wanting to get done.  It is important to express yourself when emotions and feelings arise, especially those of love and compassion.  This is a day for helping hands.  You will find yourself giving an helping hand, as well as receiving one.  There is joy as you recognize a kinship with those around you.  It is not necessarily something that will be expressed in words, rather is will be a calming sense that makes you aware of the larger whole of which you and everyone and everything else are a part.  Look for synchronicity.  It s there.

Crystal Vibration:    Marcasite with Galena and Quartz—-A most felicitous synergy of crystals which brings about alignment, attunement, and knowing.  It resonates with all the Chakras.

Friday, December 23:    Light Pink

Things will be easing up today on all levels.  It is a good time to take a breather.  You might even be surprised by how well things fall into place.  Take that feeling of joy and savor it.  Make it your place t go later on when things get tough.  Synchronicity is in the air.  You will  not need to look for it, because t will come to you.  People will be acting somewhat differently.  You will find yourself coming t new realizations about many things.  Take time to journal, to meditate.  The energies are taking you to new places and by being grounded and within your Core, you will find a level of comfort in the oncoming craziness.

Crystal Vibration:    Andradite—-This mineral brings calm in the middle of the storm.  It resonates with the Root, Navel, Solar Plexus, and Crown Chakras.

Saturday, December 24:    Grainy White

Christmas Eve:    This is a day on which you will be getting glimpses of all sorts of truths — truths about yourself, truths about others, truths about things happening around you on all levels, Universal truths, etc. Whether or not you choose to honor what you are getting is up to you.  There will be emotions in the air today. as many people feel that their expectations have not been met and that they are not meeting others’ expectations. Take time, when you awake to ground yourself well.  Use your mantras, visualizations, intentions, whatever works for you as a part of this process.  And walk around in the light.  There can be some interesting ‘coincidences’ .