Continued Seismic Activity at El Hierro

El Hierro Volcano (Canary Islands) : Red alert – seismic activity not over yet

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Update 20/10 – 15:53 UTC:  
– 10 earthquakes have been recorded by IGN (max. magnitude : 2.0) since midnight UTC.
– The diving companies, one of the important sub-economies on the island,  are living through a very bad period. Cancellations have been coming in until december 2012. Alpidio Armas hopes that the present crisis situation will end soon and that business will gradually be back to normal.

El Mundo Radiography animation of the El Hierro volcano eruption

Update 20/10 – 7:46 UTC:  Spanish newspaper El Mundo did something what you can expect from a quality newspaper, they invested money in afantastic animated overview of what happened .  The animation is divided into the following parts :
– Geography of El Hierro
– Divergent fault line
– location and size of the craters/cinder cones
– Ocean sea floor surrounding El Hierro
– Eruption specifics.
We advise our readers to take a look at this great animation. Click here to watch the El Mundo animation

Update 20/10 – 7:37 UTC:  slight changing harmonic tremors during the last 8 hours. Since midnight IGN reported 2 earthquakes (this number can change when IGN updates her records).
The number of earthquakes yesterday was the highest in number since October 10 when the active period started

Port of La Restinga on October 19 – many fish died by the acidic water – image courtesy and copyright Desiree Martin

Update 19/10 – 23:58 UTC:  Killing nature. Due to the  lower Ph, the water is very acid and a lot of fish did not survive it. The picture at right has been shot in the port of La Restinga.

Update 19/10 – 23:55 UTC:  A total of 16 volcanic earthquakes have been recorded on Wednesday. Max. magnitude: 2.6

Update 19/10 – 17:44 UTC:   La Restinga fishermen demand that the Ramon Margalef will not only have geologists on board, but also the “best possible biologists”. They want to know from the biologists when their fishing grounds will get back to normal.

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