Dukono Volcano Indonesia Report

Ash cloud 800 meter high at Dukono volcano, Halmahera, Indonesia

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Dukono volcano (North Halmahera regency, Indonesia) activity increased on September 6, 2011 in sending volcanic ash clouds as high as 800 meters in the sky.
The capital town of the Halmahera regency lies at the port of Tobelo, approx. 15 km from the volcano (population approx. 15,000).
Residents were asked to evacuate at least about two kilometers from the foot of the volcano.
The volcano observation post at Mount Dukono, told the press that dozens of volcanic earthquakes occurred every day.
The eruption can be seen from Ternate, and island and biggest city in the area (has also an airport).
The volcano is currently in PVMBG Alert status III (local sources) although the official PVMBG site is still showing a II alert status (alert status range from 1 to IV).
North Halmehara is part of the province of North Maluku (Moluccas)

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