Biophysicist on Crop Circles

What A Biophysicist Says About Crop Formations

© 2011 by Linda Moulton Howe

“I have never seen such rapid changes from plant sampleto plant sample in both of the ring circles. That means the plasma energies were so compartmentalized that wheat growing only twelve inches from another sample was very different.”- W. C. Levengood, Biophysicist, about 2006 wheat circles in Herington, Kansas

August 9, 2011  Albuquerque, New Mexico  – As a science and environment investigative reporter, I made my first trip to Wiltshire County, England, in July 1992, to explore the beautiful mystery of crop formations. The first pattern I stepped into convinced me I had encountered a powerful and profound force. A group of us heard about this a pattern of five circles below Milk Hill and had walked along the crest to look from above. The sky was blue, the wheat was glistening and there were five circles, four connected by undulating paths and one circle by itself.

Reported on July 16, 1992, this 336-foot-long pattern of circles and
pathways in wheat field below Milk Hill and the Lockeridge White Horse.
Aerial image © 1992 by George Wingfield.

John Martineau did this diagram to clearly show the unusual pattern that measured 336 feet end-to-end and all of the circles were swirled clockwise. All of the pathways were laid from south to north.

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