Another Colbert Moment or so….


Colbert Takes On GOP Offense To Insurance Covering Women’s Health Issues (VIDEO)

First Posted: 8/4/11 11:10 AM ET Updated: 8/4/11 11:10 AM ET

Many argue that the true craft of “The Colbert Report” is seen when Colbert takes an argument presented by politicians and/or the media and extends it to its logical extreme — to absurd effect. He did just that last night, this time to take on Fox News pundits’ objection to the Obama administrationforcing medical insurance companies to cover women’s health procedures and prescriptions.

The premise often echoed by Fox pundits, that women with access to birth control will inevitably be more promiscuous and careless with their sex habits, seems to hardly have any basis in reality. But Colbert’s a master of lampooning poor argumenters with their own words, and he deftly pokes holes in the claims made by those who insist that government-subsidized birth control spells out the end of humanity as we know it.

(As a sidenote, Colbert certainly has cred in the women’s health department — who can forget when he turned Sen. Jon Kyl’s “not intended to be a factual statement” claim about Planned Parenthood into a national punchline?)

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