A Bit on This Mercury Retrograde

with Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow in http://www.aquasoul.com/index2.html

This Mercury retrograde pattern really catches my eye, and I think there’s a message in it: As soon as Night Five opens August 18, and possibly during the Full Moon at the end of Day Five, the financial wizards will run out of rabbits to pull out of their banking hats, while the people get jangled by shocks. The New Moon is on the 1776 USA North Node, so the focus of the world collapse will be the US, not Europe. Aspects to Mercury from Pluto, Neptune/Chiron, and Uranus will help us turn to spiritual matters and seek love in our families, the only real solution for money problems. These aspects indicate we will be highly susceptible to mystical breakthroughs, as well as very good at trusting our spiritual guidance during August. There are to be seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto during 2012 through 2015, the period when the world will create new ways of life for a viable future. This square is very close during July/August 2011 amidst the high rate of change during the Universal Underworld. Time acceleration will build through October 28, 2011 (when our world will experience the imposition of a new fractal and holographic field), and then the structural adjustments will be continual through 2015. We are transmuting our minds in a hot alchemical furnace as Neptune and Chiron soften Pluto and spiritualize this difficult process. Mars in 28 Gemini is right on the point opposite the Galactic Center (GC), where Venus was located during the previous New Moon. (In the July 1 reading I made an error and said it was on the GC, not opposite). So, Venus opposite the GC opened our consciousness to cosmic realms during the previous lunation, and now Mars activates this point. Mars (which also sextiles the New Moon) guards the visual pathway out of our Galaxy.

Saturn in Libra is in a wide opposition to Uranus in Aries, and the influence is moving off. However, Saturn in 12 Libra quincunxes Jupiter in 9 Taurus while Jupiter trines Pluto, which is a stabilizing factor during this New Moon. Jupiter in Taurus is grounded and creates good future, which helps us during this unstable phase. And, the trine from Pluto (exact July 7) aids the transformation of structures. For example, this trine is causing the financial wizards to be more aware of the destruction they may cause, so they are cautious and respectful for a change. The quincunx from Saturn in Libra approaching its third and last hit of the USA’s eighth Saturn Return (exact August 28) causes Americans to get real about wanting to be the last empire. The exact Jupiter/Saturn quincunx does not occur until May 2012, because Jupiter retrogrades back to early Taurus starting in late August. This Jupiter retrograde period (August 30 to December 25, 2011) will occur during the most intense financial jitters, so the structural changes are going to be deep. The best thing the Roman Empire used to do was declare a Jubilee every fifty years, when all debt was forgiven. Maybe this is what the whole world needs now? Thank the goddess Jupiter is in Taurus until June 2012! Regarding personal finance, Jupiter in Taurus says take care of your essential needs first, since choice will be very limited for most during the great restructuring of our world.

Day Five (July 31-August 17) begins one day after this New Moon and will be an exciting life-changing time; there is no doubt it will be overwhelmingly stressful. The Full Moon on August 13 will add astrological fuel to radical transformations. If at all possible, be as calm and receptive as possible, so that you can receive the spiritual directions coming to Earth during Day Five. Be present, and nurture the strength of courage in your hearts through unconditional love; only you can do it.

Interestingly, earlier in the post, his analysis of the astrological significators indicated the following:

Mercury in early Virgo is a big player this month. The chart is cast for Washington, DC, home of the current world empire, and Mercury is right on the mid-heaven. Mercury exactly opposes Neptune (and closely opposes Chiron); trines Pluto; and is quincunxed by Uranus. This means we will be visionary (Mercury opposite Neptune) about the huge transformations (Pluto), while extreme change (Uranus) will push and push. But Mercury’s action is much more intense than that, and the dynamic suggests the financial crisis is deepening. Mercury will exactly oppose Neptune late on July 28 (after this reading gets posted) and will turn retrograde on August 2 (when the US may begin to default); then Mercury opposes Neptune a second time on August 8. Mercury gets back to a third opposition to Neptune on September 8. This suggests the US will be struggling with either a default or a downgrade on its debt rating during this period; the negative elements of Mercury opposite Neptune are fantasies and illusions about resources.

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