July 24-30

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Apricot

There are going to be so many things coming your way this week, so many memories, so many choices, so many dreams, so many irritations, so many loves, so many hates.  It can leave your head spinning and your heart empty.  But this is the deep well of beginning.  This is the door to the mysteries.  You will learn much this week, lose much this week, find much this week, and find out about love.  This is the time of re-experiencing the childlike and the moments of being the adult at the same time.  There is magic in this week.  But you will need both wonder and courage.  And desire.  Choices have to be made at this time.  Choose well.  But know that there are other opportunities.  Your senses will also be on high alert this week, so you will find that you are more aware of how things are smelling, how they look, what they taste like, what they feel like, and how they sound.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of this, it is good to take some time to ward yourself against overload.  You do not want to get burned out.

On a larger scale, there is so much that is going on this week, and so many people in so many different areas that will be affected, challenged, and devastated.  The elements will be making themselves known in all their power and potential. Things will be popping up all over — storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.  Thew news will be particularly unreliable this week as it attempts to skew a lot of crazy activities of people, markets, animals, birds, planets, etc. and make them into things that, well, just happen.  The galactic anomaly is getting closer and there will be reports of odd pulls and effects on some of the outer planets of the solar system.  There is also the possibility of some asteroidal type material, space dust, space clouds, churning in the local galactic regions.  A number of people in the news, although not necessarily political, rather more along the lines of teachers and speakers, who will be making odd pronouncements.  There will be indications also of a new disease, and there will be hints of possible epidemic proportions linked to that.  Expect things to blow up without any warning.  There are rumblings on all levels as people begin to question just what is going on.  As part of this, groups will be forming who are looking for a solution, not through takeover or control, but rather through compassion and understanding.  Crops will be in the news as they are more and more challenged by the weather and over use of pesticides, although that will not be mentioned.  There will be movements by those in power to tighten controls.  Look also for some of the fundamentalist types of religions to make more noise about the need for repentance and the coming judgment.  Some long held truths and laws will be called into question and shown to be inaccurate, in science, but perhaps elsewhere also.

Sunday, July 24:    Cobalt Blue

Things are going to be happening fact and furiously today.  Because of this, it is a good idea to stay grounded in WHO you are and to know your own power.  People will be wanting you to do things, take part in things, decided on things, judge.  Let it all go.  Be the observer.  Let them create their own realities.  You need to be strong these days as things become ever more unpredictable.  Today is the perfect opportunity for exercising your abilities to know what is true for you and to stand firm in that truth.  Listen carefully to the voice of your intuition as it will allow you to make some interesting discoveries in the winds of the day.

Crystal Energy:    Atacamite—-“The Alchemists’ Stone”  It’s energy assists one in bringing things to their proper conclusion.  Resonates with the Heart Chakra.

Monday, July 25:    Bright Lavender

The clock is ticking, and you will be hearing it loud and clear today.  There is a sense that there is something urgent that you need to get done, but you cannot seem to remember just what that is.  This is a day for being alert to signs and symbols.  There will be a lot of Freudian slips around, both from others and from yourselves.  Look for them to be followed by synchronistic events.  You can find yourself being just a bit muddled by it all, maybe even feeling like you have just fallen down the rabbit hole.  But all this is good.  It is time to change your perspective on things in your life, and today gives you the opportunity to begin to looking at people, things, stuff, relationships, etc. from a new vantage point.  There also is some fun and humor in all of this. There are others too who are making differences in their lives, and the energy of the day brings people like that together.

Crystal Energy:    Unakite—–The energy of this stone allows for one to move forward in things that seem stopped up and blocked.  Resonates with the Heart Chakra

Tuesday, July 26:    Light Cobalt Blue

There is something stirring again today, and although you are aware of it, you cannot seem to muster the energy to do anything about it.  This is a day for getting a grip on just what it is that you are wanting to see in your life. There will be bouts of deja vu that will remind you of things from your past that were once so important for you,  There are many questions that you left unanswered, and the current energy brings them into focus.  This is a time for prioritizing what it is that has motivated you from the beginnings versus what was there and convenient.  Take time today to meditate in whatever way is most comfortable for you, sitting, walking, drawing, inventing, painting, singing, just being, etc.  There are things within you that are ready to come to the surface.  It is time to allow them in order that you can move forward. You can be astounded by some of the revelations that come your way.

Crystal Energy:    Clinozoisite—–The energy of this stone assists in clearing emotional issues and dealing with long standing blocks.  Vibrates to the Heart Chakra.

Wednesday, July 27:    Dark Pink

Perceptions can be a little off today, so take time before taking action. Things can be said that are not meant, and if you overreact, you will regret it in the future.  There are people out there who are wanting your companionship and advice.  It is up to you to set your boundaries.  You know what it is that you can deal with and what becomes too much.  This is not a time for being ‘nice’ to the other person,  rather this is the time to honor yourself and what it is you need for your own development and fulfillment.  Look carefully at ‘deals’ that may come your way today.  There are agendas at work on all levels.  Emotions will be close to the surface, and when they come, think about what you are actually feeling.  The feelings could be attached to something very different from what seems obvious.

Crystal Energy:    Blue Celestite—-This stone brings dreams of messages and guidance, along with a peace and knowing that comes from being part of the All.  Vibrates with the Throat and Upper Chakras.

Thursday, July 28:    Light Pink

Opposites attract, or so they say.  This is a day on which you will be seeing a lot of opposites and wondering about that.  The overall theme is balance, and there will be lessons to be learned about balance in the current energy.  Balance oftentimes comes out of confusion and uncertainty.  You can find yourself in situations today where there seem to be way too many choices.  This is the time to center and listen to the wisdom of your heart.  You are being presented with many options because it is time to realize that choices do not mean necessarily getting rid of one things, but rather choices can involve a kind of integration of many themes into one whole.  So expect some shattering today, but that will be followed by new synergistic models which will bring you a sense of peace and accomplishment when the day is through.

Crystal Energy:    Lapis Lazuli—-The energy of this mineral works to calm mental stress and open you to avenues of understanding and expansion. Third Eye Chakra.

Friday, July 29:    Clear Straw

Things are going to be constructed today, but mainly as models.  This is not a time for permanence or rigidity.  This is a time for exploring options, for putting together new combinations, for finding out new directions.  There is fun in the air today and a bit of mischief.  There is much to be learned at this time regarding some friends about whom you have had some questions.  Right now, you are attracting new and different kinds of people into your circle.  This can cause a shake up with old friends.  If you stay true to what you know is right for WHO you are, then all will be well.

Crystal Energy:     Snowflake Obsidian—–The energy of this stone allows for connections on all levels.  Bringing back things once thought to be lost forever.  Resonates with all chakras.

Saturday, July 30:    Deep Salmon Red

There will be emotions coming to the surface today from deep inside.  The energies of the day favor catharsis and renewal.  You can find yourself falling apart all of a sudden, and then just as quickly getting in all together, even wondering what just happened.  You have been holding on to many things that you need to let go of.  While this is always difficult, sometimes the thought of having to do it is more daunting that the actual activity.  This is a day for rehearsals.  You are getting ready for the next act, and trying out your role.  There is much to be discovered in this energy and some joyous revelations.

Crystal Energy:    Dioptase—-The energy of this stone allows for the release and free play of the imagination.  It allows one to access the child within.  Resonates with the Heart Chakra.