MUFON Reports Midwest Cylinders 6/28

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Midwest UFO `Cylinders’ Of June 28th – MUFON Reports

Hello Clockers and new visitors too. Today’s look at the latest MUFONreports had two of the last three (most recent) reports about high flying Cylinders over Indiana and Illinois yesterday; here’s the reports:

While smoking in the parking lot of my business, observed a large dull silver/gray cylinder flying at high altitude from E – W high in the sky. It was a nearly cloudless day, and I was with my co-owner, who also witnessed the craft. She went inside and grabbed binoculars – which I used to observe the craft in more detail. No wings, no tail, no contrail. A large cylinder, at least twice the size of a large jetliner, with rounded ends vs pointy nose and tail. Estimated altitude 30,000 ft. There was no sound, but from that altitude and distance, not surprising. We watched as the cylinder crossed the sky over Kokomo slightly to our North from East to West – a total of maybe two minutes – last seen heading over Burlington due West of Kokomo.

for reports of more sightings, including the Russina  Mothership of March 2011, go to: