New Themes

Some themes that are currently becoming more obvious:

1) Things Falling:    With all the shifts and changes going on all around, more and more things are falling out of place.  This is happening on all levels.  You may find that things seem literally to jump off shelves or move their position with no apparent cause.  Even more so, with the leakiness of the dimensions, you may be hearing things fall or move or shift, and yet, upon going to see what just happened, nothing has changed.  These are not creepy things, rather they are affirmations of the changes and the novelty that is currently entering the Earth’s field.  It has been on its way for some time and many people have been noticing it and reacting to it.  Right now, and as time goes forward, it will be increasingly hard to overlook.  IT will be making itself known also in the media.  You will see shifts of objects or unexpected plays of light behind commentators and in other live shows.    AS you notice these things, be secure in the knowledge as the process is in motion, and change is truly on the way.

2) Doors moving and opening:      Another thing that you will be seeing is that doors no longer stay in the position in which you left them.  They can creak and vibrate, even opening and closing on their own.  This will not be a large movement, but it will catch your attention.

3)  Where did it go?    I am sure everyone has been dealing with this right now — putting something down, going to find it, only to discover that it is not where you left or anywhere nearby.  Then sometime later, minutes, hours, even days, there it is again.  It makes you wonder if you are going crazy, if maybe you were just not observant enough, somehow overlooking it.  No, things are slipping through dimensions.  They do come back, but it can make you feel like you are losing it.

4) World Weariness:    More and more people are going to be finding that they can no longer deal with the energetic shifts and changes, and they will be looking for some way to transition.  This is a time in which many of those people will choose illness or accident in order to move on.  In some cases, their animals will be aware of this, and will precede them through the transition as a way of making it easier for the person.  There are many pets who have come into this turn of the wheel at this time and with these people to be their guardians, to take care of them, and to ease for them the transition.

5) Deja Vu and Synchronicity:    This is a time in which there will be a sense of rightness about so many novel experiences.  A sense of rightness that is so strong that it is familiar to you.   This is part of what is going on at this time.  Pieces are falling into place.  Over time, you have been instrumental in constructing many of these pieces, and at this time, they are clicking into their space.  As this happens, you get an overwhelming sense of deja vu.   And then, things will just begin to happen synchronistically.  It can leave you questioning just how did this come about, but it is all part of the swirling of the vibrations at this time.

6)  Changes in Relationships:    At this time, people and groups who are out of sync can no longer deny this incompatibility.  Many will try, and remain in their current situations, and that is fine.  We all have choices to make.  There are times when we are ready and times when we are not.

7)  Communities forming:    Yes, for all of those of you who have been hoping and looking, things will become easier in this area.  It is important to “feel out” the groups and individuals that you find attractive.  Analyze, think, journal, go into your heart center, and follow your intuition.  There are psyche sappers out there who are looking for followers.

8)  The Importance of  Intuition:    At this time, intuition is of great importance.  In this sense, intuition is the aligning of your personal consciousness with the Universal Consciousness of which it is part.  By so doing, many patterns and events will become clear to you, and you will begin to see beyond the merely obvious into the greater whole behind it all.  Trust your intuition.  Listen closely, and exercise it.  As time progresses, you will learn to distinguish the true voice of the heart based intuition versus desire.

9)  The Trickster:    In times when energies are shifting, changing, and swirling, this is when the Trickster can cause quite a bit of havoc.  The Trickster is the X factor that is waiting in the wings to throw a wrench into the works.  The Trickster is not malevolent, rather this one is merely someone who likes to play with events and things and has no care for any greater context or outcome.  So, be aware that the Trickster can pop up, and that awareness will assist in knowing the Trickster in whatever guise that crazy one might appear.

10)  In Your Face:     unfortunately, it is time now, and it is happening, that we are seeing that things we always knew but never wished to admit are right there, and we have to admit that they exist or choose to live in the illusion.