EMF’s, Bird Deaths, & More



by Joseph P. Farrell

While various platforms are rushing around censoring any mention of potential connections of [ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY REFERENCE CENSORED] to [THE STORY THAT EVERYONE IS SICK OF HEARING ABOUT WHICH HAS BEEN CENSORED], J.H. found an intriguing paper that indicates that my hypothesis about those sudden bird deaths being due to electromagnetic tests of some sort may be true. Here’s the article:

Cardioprotection from stress conditions by weak magnetic fields in the Schumann Resonance band

Now, citing just a bit from the abstract, and from the beginning of the body of the paper, we read this (from the abstract):

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of extremely weak magnetic fields in the ScR first mode frequency range on the spontaneous contractions, calcium transients and Creatine Kinase (CK) release of rat cardiac cell cultures. We show that applying 7.8 Hz, 90 nT magnetic fields (MF) causes a gradual decrease in the spontaneous calcium transients’ amplitude, reaching 28% of the initial amplitude after 40 minutes of MF application, and accompanied with a gradual decrease in the calcium transients’ rise time. The mechanical spontaneous contractions cease after the ScR fields have been applied for more than 30 minutes, when the calcium transient’s amplitude reached ~60% of its initial value.The influence of the ScR MF was reversible, independent of the field magnitude in the range 20 pT-100 nT, and independent of the external DC magnetic field. However, the effect is frequency dependent; the described changes occurred only in the 7.6–8 Hz range. In addition, applying 7.8 Hz, 90 nT MF for 1.5 hours, reduced the amount of CK released to the buffer, during normal conditions, hypoxic conditions and oxidative stress induced by 80 μM H2O2. We show that the ScR field induced reduction in CK release is associated with a stress response process and has a protective character. (Emphases added)

And this, from the main body of the paper:

The ability of a cardiomyocyte to contract depends on the proper operation of many biological processes. Calcium ion transients are the key mediators between the mechanical contractions and the cardiac action potentials which initiate the contractions. The calcium influx and the calcium release from the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum (SR) in phase 2 of the action potential increases the free calcium concentration in the cytoplasm. This free calcium triggers the physical contraction mechanism. We therefore examined the ScR MF influence on the mechanical contractions and their triggering calcium transients as a basis for a more thorough investigation. In addition, in order to examine whether the impact is of a protective or a destructive nature, we examined the influence of ScR MF on CK release during normal, hypoxic and oxidative stress conditions. The dependency on the MF characteristics: magnitude, frequency and additional DC MF was studied in order to understand the physical mechanism behind the phenomena. (Emphasis added)

It is interesting to note that the authors of the paper are wondering if the impact is of “a destructive nature.”

But reading that statement in the abstract – “The mechanical spontaneous contractions cease after the ScR fields have been applied for more than 30 minutes, when the calcium transient’s amplitude reached ~60% of its initial value.” –  would seem to be an answer in the affirmative.

So what does that mean? Very simply, that magnetic fields within the range of the Schumann cavity resonance, which is about 8 Hz, cause interference with biological cells’ ability to process calcium transients necessary for cardiac cells – in this case of rats(the rodent kind, not the human kind) – to contract. Or to put it even more simply, under certain conditions of external electro-magnetic stress, those calcium-transients’ ability to influence contractions dissipates, and voila, instant cardiac arrest, an arrest which might, under certain circumstances, cause cellular pathologies that look like something else. And in any case, it might indicate that something like this mechanism is  behind all those sudden and strange drops of flights of birds, stone cold dead, out of the sky, which were, let us recall, explained away as “sudden onset bird flu.”

In any case, there’s another point implied by the paper, and that is that cellular responses can be triggered by the electromagnetic environment, and if they can be triggered by that environment, it’s but a very short step to the notion that that environment can be engineered to create certain cellular responses, and from there, it’s but yet another short step to the notion that this could be engineered to work in tandem with other technologies, like nano-technology (Dr. Lieber, anyone?) or viruses.

But of course, we’re  not supposed to be thinking along those lines, of the possibilities of [ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY REFERENCE CENSORED] in relationship to [THE STORY THAT EVERYONE IS SICK OF HEARING ABOUT WHICH HAS BEEN CENSORED].

It’s already five o’clock.


…Time to get the latest corona virus update from Dr. Grouchy (rhymes with Fauci).

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