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How Time Acceleration Affects Your Health

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Updated April 27, 2014

by PL Chang

Can time speed up or slow down? According to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, yes it can! Time acceleration plays an important role for your health, because it can cause you to age faster or slower. In this article, I will explain some important fundamental aspects of how time works and how it relates to your health.

The strange thing about time is that it is not always constant like how we are conditioned to believe. Below is a quote from

“When two observers are in relative uniform motion, and far away from any gravitational mass, the point of view of each will be that the other’s (moving) clock is ticking at a slower rate than the local clock. The faster the relative velocity, the greater the magnitude of time dilation. This case is sometimes called special relativistic time dilation. It is often interpreted as time “slowing down” for the other (moving) clock. But that is only true from the physical point of view of the local observer, and of others at relative rest”

The quote above is basically saying that a moving object and an object at rest will experience time at a different speed. The short video clip below should help clarify this concept.

Einstein did a good job explaining how time and space were related, but he missed many important aspect of how they worked. Modern physicists have been filling some of the holes that Einstein had missed, but they still have not grasped what time really is. What most modern physicists failed to notice is that time is not linear, but simultaneous and it does not move. The idea of time being linear is an idea that is preventing modern physicists from discovering many secrets about the Universe. Fortunately, there are some physicists who are starting to realize that time works in a simultaneous fashion.

What is linear time?

When you experience linear time, you are experiencing a multidimensional and holographic illusion created by the refraction of particles and anti-particles which pulsate and spin at different speeds and angular rotations. Pulsation is an important feature of time, because the way particles pulsate at various rhythms is what gives us the illusion of time.

Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about linear time.

“Linear time is achieved when an observer’s consciousness moves through portions of the unified field of time. It is important to know that time does not move. It only seems to move when the observer’s consciousness moves through it. The illusion of linear time is similar to watching a movie using an old projector. When the reel of the projector is still, there are no linear actions or movements. It is only when the reel starts moving that you see the images being projected as linear actions'”

Time acceleration and your health

Time acceleration is nothing new to NASA, special groups in the military and certain engineers who design special machines that rely on energy vibration. These people knew since the early 1980s that time has been accelerating. Before 1980 Earth’s base pulse frequency, also known as Earth’s “heartbeat,” was vibrating at a constant frequency. After 1980 Earth’s “heartbeat” started to increase. This changed in frequency caused problems to certain machines that were designed to rely on Earth’s “heartbeat.” As a result, these machines had to be adjusted or their calculations would be off.

Here is another excerpt from my book Staradigm about how time acceleration affects your health.

‘The human body and mind are also attuned to mother Earth’s heartbeat. As her heartbeat accelerates, so does the human body and mind. This accelerated pulsation gives you the illusion that time is speeding up. This is why you have been experiencing this strange phenomenon since the 1980s. The increase in mother Earth’s pulsation rate can cause negative health effects on your body if you do not adjust your body’s pulsation rate to match hers. If your body cannot increase its pulsation rate to match mother Earth’s pulsation rate, this will cause accelerated cellular deterioration. Common symptoms of time acceleration are fatigue, emotional and mental problems, and stress.”