Your Color Vibe for Saturday, 1/11

Saturday, January 11:    Light Peach

Signs and omens are coming your way today.  Be aware of them when they occur and do not discount something because it might seem trivial.  There is a new energy in the air today and with that a new or renewed sense of direction.  You have been kind of chasing your tail for much of the days of this New Year, and it is high time to know what your direction is and get on with it.  This year is a journey, a quest, but like every good quest, the end is there at the beginning.  Take time today away from things and go within.  There is much there that you have known for quite sometime yet have not been willing to look at.  Why is it that things that are so beautiful can be so difficult to accept?  Ah, well.  Choice and free will are always yours.  Do as you will.