Sol Luckman’s Predictions for 2014

SPRING SUN by Sol Luckman

SPRING SUN by Sol Luckman

By Sol Luckman

I don’t consider myself an expert on anything. That’s a good thing. In my book, to borrow an old saying, an “expert” is someone who knows more and more about less and less—until he ends by knowing everything about nothing.

Also, I don’t have “insiders” telling me their secrets. That’s really a good thing as well. As we’ve seen abundantly in recent years, whenever predictions are made based on “insider” information, there’s virtually a 100% chance said predictions will come to nothing.

I’m also not a fortune teller, financial advisor or political analyst and don’t play any of these roles on TV. I’ve been wrong many times in the past—and will probably repeat similar mistakes in the future.

With these caveats, I do fancy myself a keen observer of people, events, and trends. I mean, I knew the first time I saw Justin Bieber the guy was going to be a superstar. It was written all over him.

Call me “gifted.” Of course, it helps that I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Seriously. Take the following fourteen predictions for 2014 with a grain of salt, and perhaps a pinch of pepper, and—if all else fails—go make yourself some popcorn to eat while watching AMERICAN IDOL.

Drumroll please …

1. Banksters and goldbugs are going to hate this one, but bitcoin will break the $2K barrier on its way to the stratosphere and—not without a fight from the crumbling Powers that Be trying to keep their fiat monetary system on life support—gain increasing acceptance worldwide. Yes, we’re seeing the Cabal go after bitcoin—but that’s like trying to stop an avalanche with an umbrella. Simply put, bitcoin, an idea whose time has come, is the currency of the resistance. Get used to it. If you still haven’t heard of bitcoin, I’m really glad I’m not reading your predictions for 2014.

2. On another technology note, by the end of the year, 3D printers will start to become a household item. This trend is happening already—but expect it to really begin following in the footsteps of the PC and HDTV by year’s conclusion. You can print just about anything—including many items of questionable legality—with even a halfway decent 3D printer. Look into it and discuss.

3. Joining bitcoin and 3D printing, crowdfunding is the third of a triumvirate of disruptive technologies that will begin to do a lot more … disrupting in 2014. Bankster-bashing MP George Galloway plans to fund his London mayoral bid through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is democracy in action, where people directly control what their money supports: something that has been a long time coming and is a revolution in itself. Combined with decentralized crypto-currencies such as bitcoin, and the incipient cottage industry for fabricating everything from handguns to automobiles enabled by 3D printing, expect the world economy to shift in dramatically people-empowering ways throughout 2014 and beyond.

4. Former professional wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura will announce his bid for the US presidency. Howard Stern will be his running mate. Their platform will be revolutionary and center on ending American aggression against the world by putting the kabosh on the NSA and bringing our troops home, like, immediately. Of course, the Powers that Be and the mainstream media they control will attempt (ironically, as it were) to paint Ventura and Stern as buffoons. But support for the message—if not the messengers per se—will rapidly build as libertarian heavyweights like Ron Paul and millions fed up with the status quo get behind the ticket. Expect to watch bitcoin and crowdfunding play a significant fundraising role as well. Regardless of the ultimate outcome, eventually seeing Ventura, who isn’t exactly known for pulling his punches, in the presidential debates would be, as Mastercard says, priceless!

5. The year 2014 will see a global currency reset of some sort as the moribund petrodollar is officially abandoned as world reserve currency. The dollar could lose half its value in rapid fashion and Americans could face some tough sledding for a while, much like Russia did after the fall of the Soviet Union. Herein lies our collective challenge as well as reason for hope: if Russia could get back on its feet and restore something resembling democracy, so can we. (Cue Leonard Cohen’s Democracy Is Coming to the USA.) What will replace the dollar remains to be seen. My vote is on bitcoin.

6. Obamacare will prove to be a complete and unmitigated disaster. Wait. That already happened. As a result, more and more states will follow South Carolina’s lead and simply nullify this monstrosity of fascist legislation. “If you like your freedom, you can keep your freedom.” Make this mantra viral.

7. On the subject of nullification, this pushback strategy will be a major trend in 2014’s resistance movement. Do yourself (and all of us) a favor by researching and getting behind this historical brain child of none other than Thomas Jefferson, who designed nullification as a last resort for We the People to say no to government tyranny and idiocy. Seeing as how we live in a veritable Golden Age of government tyranny and idiocy, I highly recommend that you check out the Tenth Amendment Center, the OffNow Coalition, this recent edition of the CORBETT REPORT, and these videos on jury nullification—and then roll up your shirtsleeves and lend some elbow grease to the cause.

8. Increasingly, along with drones, American airspace will be filled with the sounds of secession. Secessionist movements are popping up like wildfires from California to Colorado and Texas to Vermont. The only thing most of these disaffected would-be secessionists can agree on is that they agree with absolutely nothing the Federal Government is doing. (See historically low and plummeting-as-we-speak approval ratings for the president and Congress.) This common ground may be just enough to initiate a groundswell to break apart the Union and create the UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA, returning decision-making power to more grassroots levels. One can only hope. Stay tuned.

9. After much ado about nothing, comet ISON (what’s left of it anyway) will finally leave us humans on planet earth alone again with our own problems and all the doomsdayers, fearmongerers and Armageddon-heads out there will have to find something else to obsess and panic over. But have faith: this shouldn’t take very long. All that’s needed to get the stress hormones flowing again is a little bad news blown completely out of proportion. Expect the Cabal to explore creative ways to capitalize on this truth.

10. That said, there’s a high likelihood that one or more federal alphabet agencies will finally be caught red-handed perpetrating a false flag attack on the US so much so that even the mainstream media will have no choice but to report on it. The Cabal’s plan to use manufactured problem-reaction-solution to further enslave the people might very well backfire on a scale that will dwarf the Boston Scareathon Bombing and Syria Scam. This might be like the first domino falling in an avalanche of public awakening that will initiate the dismantling of the New World Order in earnest.

11. Good news came on the GMO labeling front recently when the island of Hawaii basically banned GMOs and Connecticut signed into law a still somewhat symbolic bill theoretically requiring Monsanto and other perpetrators of biotech abominations against the populace to (gasp!) actually label their genetically monstrosified products as such. Expect a torrent of GMO outlawing and labeling initiatives, both at the state and local levels, in 2014, accompanied by the slow but steady implosion of the biotech industry. Good riddance. I propose a bill to relegate GMO proponents to their own tiny island, where their penance is to subsist solely on Golden Rice for eternity.

12. In addition to GMO labeling, cannabis legalization, which is an integral part of the global political awakening long feared by the likes of Zbigniew Brzezinski, will make a lot of headlines in 2014. Following in the footsteps of the brave states of Colorado and Washington, we just saw Uruguay become the world’s first country to terminate the failed policy of prohibition and the genocidal war on drugs and simply “legalize it.” It won’t be the last. Regardless of what you think about marijuana, it has been proven to be a remarkably safe substance; a medical miracle for conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s to cancer; and (in the case of hemp) a multiuse industrial cash crop capable of sustainably revitalizing local economies—while simultaneously diverting resources away from dehumanizing, environmentally devastating corporations worldwide. Now, that’s what I call a win-win situation!

13. The truth is, they’re out there. Thanks to high-quality media productions such as ANCIENT ALIENS and Stephen Greer’s SIRIUS, combined with the tireless efforts of ufologists and exopoliticians around the globe, more and more people are becoming aware of the ongoing ET cover-up and the need to uncover it ASAP. The results of disclosure, which I see gathering steam in 2014, will eventually culminate in the release of suppressed free energy technology and absolute proof not only that we’re not alone—but that we have friends we never knew we had. Oh, and I almost forgot: genuine disclosure should greatly speed up the toppling of the Cabal’s global control system, which is really just a house of cards to begin with.

14. If there’s a connecting thread to the predictions outlined above, it has to be freedom consciousness rising in the people. We’re currently witnessing an unprecedented acceleration of awareness of what’s happening in our world to limit our freedom and what needs to be done to correct what’s happening. My own contribution to this massive Collective Consciousness Shift in 2014 is a new novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, the epic tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. All of our dreams are potentially world-changing; we just have to be willing to follow them. My humble prediction is that at least one person will be inspired by SNOOZE to implement a dream with the potential to make the world a freer place to live. And if only one person is so catalyzed, that’s good enough for me.

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Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author. His books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING and its popular sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. Sol is also author of the BEGINNER’S LUKE Series of seriocomic novels characterized by Reader Views as a “modern-day ALICE IN WONDERLAND” and by Apex Reviews as a “mind-bending journey through the mind of the ultimate iconoclast.” His latest novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, set for release in 2014, is the riveting, coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. View Sol’s paintings, read his blog and learn more about his work at