Seattle Tunnel Alien Artifact

Seattle Tunnel Drill Is Being Blocked By A Massive Object That Some Call An Ancient Artifact, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 16-17, 2013
Location of discovery: Seattle, Washington, USA

Big Birtha…Seattles newest tunnel digger has hit a something so hard it could destroy an 80 million dollar piece of machinery. Some believe it may be something buried long ago by some ancient civilization that we knew nothing about.

Its also possible that this massive drill accidentally hid the side walls of one of the many alien bases on this planet. Impossible? Phil Schneider who use to work for the US military at making underground bases 3-4 miles below the surface has actually seen this happened first hand and it turned out very bad for all. Phil is not a lier and I would bet my life on this man…even dedicated a book to him I wrote, Dragons of Asgard. He is a good guy that you can trust him. SCW