On Atlantis

Way down, below the ocean….”
On Atlantis
There is an energetic template of Atlantis that is coming to the surface. It will appear first as some kind of an illusory haze out in the ocean. With time, there will be trouble routing planes over the area as their radar will start acting up. Then, there will be mysterious movements in the water. These things will persist for quite some time, and will only become more solidified as further earth changes begin to reshape the globe. There will also be a new kind of magnetic pull on the Earth in that area as though it were getting heavier. It will attract a lot of activity from sea mammals and from bird life. Then you will start hearing more and more people speaking of Atlantis, of where it is, why it is, and there will be more concentrated searches begun to find it. Only when there is a major Earth movement affecting the Mid-Atlantic ridge will things become more solidified.
There is no hard and fast time frame for this as the energetic template needs to attract to it the energetic stuff that will begin to give it substance.
This is an interesting time for all you Atlantis buffs. Keep your eyes open. There will be articles in out of the way journals, papers, and magazines. You will need to search them out.
And so it is

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