Chad Stuemke on 2012 Olympics Correspondences

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The 2012 Olympics and Stargate London Symbology


Just in time for the 2012 Olympics, a RAINBOW energy appears to be illuminating London’s Stargate (Olympic) Park! The following is a photo essay exploring the art, architecture, and symbolism surrounding 2012’s cosmic games.

*For more detailed info on the symbolism surrounding the 2012 Olympics pleas listen to my recent radio interview on REVELATIONS radio with William Henry!

“Started in Greece, The Olympics feature the best athletes in the world competing in a wide range of sports every four years. Cities are turned into battlefields for the Gods, complete with stadiums and inspirational art and architecture to uplift the spirits of athlete and spectator alike. The Olympic parks are Cosmic Doorways.”

– Dr. Mark Gray

The 2012 Olympic Logo (ZION)

The 2012 Logo was designed by Wolff Olins. When unscrambled it appears to spell out ZION (SION). Iran has threatened to boycott the 2012 Olympics due to this logo.


The Olympic Stadium

The stadium is located at Marshgate Lane. The stadium kind of resembles a large U.F.O. (mother ship) topped with pyramids, inclusive of capstones! The capstones are the lights that illuminate the stadium and its occupants. The outside if the stadium is wrapped with a fabric that can be illuminated the colors of the RAINBOW. It is a giant RAINBOW ring!

Olympic Park Street Design

Courtesy Rick Clay (Cosmic Mind) R.I.P.


Meet Wenlock & Mandeville (2012 Mascots)
The One Eyed RAINBOW Riding Aliens

The mascots (RAINBOW riding cyclops) are depicted emerging from a cosmic RAINBOW and illuminating the Olympic (Stargate) Park as well as it’s occupants. Wenlock and Mandeville have also been promoted through several short movie clips. Out Of The RAINBOW, Adventures On A RAINBOW, RAINBOW Rescue, & RAINBOW To The Games!

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oh, and fyi, here is an explanation of the symbolism behind Wenlock & Mandeville from

The two characters are named after Much Wenlock in Shropshire, the village that hosted a precursor to the Olympics in the 19th century, and Stoke Mandeville hospital, the birthplace of the Paralympic Games. Each mascot also sports a yellow light atop its head, as a reference to London’s black cabs, and the Olympic Rings get a nod via Wenlock’s bracelets.