Utah UFO

UFOs Over Utah Drop Flare-Like Objects

Jan 31, 2011 – 11:55 AM
Lee SpeigelLee SpeigelContributor

What were those bright, flare-like objects dropped from aerial red UFOs over Utah? No official explanation has been offered.

With so many small video cams and cell phones that include cameras, it’s become more and more commonplace that people are videotaping weird things seen in the sky. And one of the latest comes from Utah.

Last week, strange lights in the sky were reported, videotaped and posted online by folks in the American Fork, Utah, area.

Three red lights appeared in the sky, hovered in formation for about 15 minutes and dropped bright, white-colored objects, reports ABC4.com.

A local resident, Lynette Chidester, noticed that the odd lights in the sky made no sound and didn’t blink at all. “I don’t believe in extraterrestrials,” she said. “I noticed over the roof of the garage a red light and a white light, and the red light isn’t flashing like an airplane light does — that’s what drew my attention to it.”

Chidester said there ended up being three red lights, and she saw something strange happen.

“Out of the red light comes, like, a firework — the phosphorescent silver — it’s coming down out of it and I thought, ‘OK, I’ve never seen that before.'”

A few miles away, Mike Galbraith was in a shopping center parking lot when he also saw the lights, which he captured on his cell phone camera.

“I looked up and there were three red lights and then they started dropping what looked like flares or something bright was dropping straight down,” he said.

“They looked like they were flying in formation perfectly together and then, whatever was dropping looked like it was burning real bright,” Galbraith added.

Local airport and military officials report nothing unusual happened in the sky over Utah on the night in question, so the incident remains, for the time being, unidentified, in keeping with the definition of UFO: unidentified flying object.

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