Comet Elenin—Who Knows?

Comet Elenin is breaking apart, according to observations

Published on August 29, 2011 10:45 pm PT
– By Jim Duran – Writer
– Article Editor and Approved – Warren Miller

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( —¬†Observations are in, Comet Elenin is breaking up!

A new report is in at and the report states that Comet Elenin is dimming and falling apart.

“I can confirm with many other astronomers that Elenin will not make perihelion this Fall,” Art Powell from Florida says. “Elenin’s coma is becoming elongated and this means it is falling apart.”

Comets are fragile ice rocks that can; and do break apart.

“I call BS!” yelled Jill Costner of Arizona. “They want to take it off the mainstream and it is still coming!”