Rare Light Pillars


V-TOPPED LIGHT PILLARS: Light pillars are a common sight around cities in winter. Urban lights bounce off ice crystals in the air, producing tall luminous columns sometimes mistaken for auroras. But the light pillars Mike Hollingshead saw last night near a corn mill in Blair, Nebraska, were decidely uncommon. “They had V-shaped tops,” he explains, “and some of the Vs were nested.” Here is what he saw:

“These light pillars are not just rare, they are exceptional!” declares atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley. “Ordinary pillars are produced by plate-shaped ice crystals roughly half way between you and the light source. These are different. Their rarely seen flared tops show that they were made bycolumn-shaped crystals drifting slowly downwards and aligned horizontal by air resistance.” …

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  1. I was wondering how and when this would manifest – this picture is absolutely amazing… I first read about this upcoming phenomenon from Blossom Goodchild this past December solstice:

    Close your eyes.

    What did you see?

    Shafts of Light … as if they appeared from the sky. I had the FEELING that we will experience this in the coming year.

    You shall … and they shall be unable to be called anything other than what they are. Their obvious brilliance shall not go undetected. When they present themselves in this way, do not be deterred by stories of what they may or may not be. KNOW they are from us.

    What exactly is their purpose?

    Many fold. They are from us to you to ‘get the party started’ shall we say. They will be seen in various landmarks across your planet Earth and they shall be of such magnitude that they cannot be brushed aside or ignored by your media. They shall be given many names. Souls shall make reference to biblical scenarios for they will know of no other way to relate.

    So these shafts of Light, will they come and go? How shall they appear and for how long at any given time?

    They will not be flashes of Light that one could mistake for an electrical storm. As you saw in the vision we presented you, these are shafts that contain Light. They shall stream down to your planet creating a display and no sooner has the excitement of one particular sighting settled down … another one shall take over on another part of your world. They will not be able to be tampered with. We have protective screens that will repel any matter that may try to do so.

    Even when viewed on your screens within your houses many shall awaken from their sleep by these streams of energy. For they contain within them the next phase of your journey for mankind.

    Probably need a little more to go on with that last statement.

    Again, words to describe are inadequate.

    Keep trying!

    These pillars of Great Light will serve in many ways. They shall release into the atmosphere what we can only describe to you as an energy … which in essence it is … yet it is what this energy contains that is the magic potion. It will uplift your spirits.


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