There are a couple of themes that have guided my personal development.

One theme has to do with the development of Consciousness and the feeling of Oneness.  Since an early age, I have had periods of knowing and seeing.  Knowing things that would come true later on.  Seeing things happen before they occurred.  I had been raised to think that these kinds of things did not happen.  Because of this, I found myself isolated and alone.  But just at the point at which despair might creep in, someone would present her or himself in my path to tell me to trust what it was that I was seeing and to know that these things that I was being told were important.  These were part of the lessons that would aid me in  my development.

Every night, there was an angel that would come and sit by me until I feel to sleep.  She gave me visions of how things were meant to be and taught me that to be strong is to stay true to WHO I am even when I was being controlled, punished, made fun of or put down.  I knew that she was a refuge to whom I could go and tell the odd stories of the day.  She did not laugh, rather she would explain them to me bit by bit.

Another of her lessons was the lesson of timing.  We are not all meant to “turn on” or “come on” at the same time.  We come as observers for a long time.  The period of observation is the time of learning.  We are not aware that we are learning things as we observe.  We just feel passive, that life goes on.  And while we are unaware of the lessons that come through, when the time is right,  they “turn on”.  You may find yourself in a situation in which you feel powerless, and just that situation can be the trigger to turn on some of those lessons, and you surprise yourself.  At that time, you are moving into your own power and knowledge.  Various instances of deja vu are actually just triggers being switched on which let you know that you have knowledge of this situation or one that will shortly come your way.

I studied Shamanic Journeying with Tom Cowan, author of Yearning for the Wind, Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit, Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life. The Pocket Guide to Shamanism, The Book of Seance, among others.  His website is riverdrum.com.

I apprenticed in the study of Tarot with Cait Johnson, author of Celebrating the Great Mother, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air: Essential Ways of Connecting to Spirit, and A Witch in the Kitchen.  Her website is www.caitjohnson.com.

In 1997, I became a Reiki Master, going through all the various degrees with Tamara Kelly, an Essential Reiki Master of the Diane Stein school.

Subsequently, I did a course of instruction in Polarity Therapy.

I studied Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Shinto as an undergraduate, along with minors in philosophy and astrophysics.  In graduate school, I focused on world religions and mythologies.

I attended workshops dealing with spirituality with Matthew Fox and Thomas Berry among others.

I truly believe that the life of spirit is the opening up to the infinite consciousness.  My work at the Chromographics Institute, which I founded in 1999, has included research into light, vibration, waves, and healing modalities.   I am the author of a number of publications including The Chromo-Scope, Ch’i-Manations, and The Short Strip. I have given workshops in health and healing fairs on the East Coast.

I have given individual counseling sessions and psychic readings for people throughout the country.  My work in this area began when I was young and was able to untangle signs and find answers to questions for first people in my family, then friends, and finally others began to come with questions.  My psychic work continues to this day.

I am also an artist.  My oil paintings tend toward the abstract, and I look at them as evocative — calling out to the spirit within, joint in the Universal dance.  My watercolor paintings are done on board.  They consist mainly of faces, each one tending towards an expression of what it means to be on this wheel.  And then there is clay work.  That is multi-faceted, idiosyncratic, and fun.  Visit the Gallery to see some examples of all!

Do not miss also our Photo Gallery.  There is much energy coursing through the Universe and the world at this time, and some of it seems to like the vortex that is here on the land.  We have been gifted with amazing and unusual scenes of all sorts.