April 29-May 5

Overall Color for the Week:    Bright L:avender

There are three large themes this week: 1} Loneliness 2) Sorrow 3) Physical symptoms.  Loneliness has many roots and causes, but this week it stems from an existential sense of not belonging.  This is not unusual in the current energy.  Things are falling apart and there is no real feeling of continuity or context.  Because of this, what once seemed a good idea or to be part of something now seems not quite right.  There can be a lot of emotion in the air this week.  It is best to step back and take a look at things.  This is not a good time to act, but it is a good time to marinate.

2) Sorrow;  Things past and things present.  All are experiencing change at this time, and it is out of your control.  THis is a week when you can find yourself looking back on things that have happened, seeing them in a new light, taking no responsibility, and moving forward.  There is always something of a feeling of loss when we let things go, even things we know do nto serve us.  It is nostalgia and what if coming up and taunting.  It is time to move on.  Take what you need from what has gone before and leave the rest behind.

3) Physical Symptoms:  The body is going through shifts and changes.  Many are disturbing, making you wonder if something is wrong.  There will be  off headaches, eyes flashes, feelings of vertigo, memory lapses.  These are all part of the new energy charging into the rifts that are opening up as the illusions of the old energies begin to dissipate.  Take time in what you do this week and listen to your body.

On the larger scale, things are going to be quite uncomfortable in all areas.  Expect some odd news to come out, and then be quickly retracted.  There is activity going on in Washington that is going to hit the news.  It revolves around taking away more of individual freedoms.  Expect new fringe groups to rise up on the right calling for even militant responses to things.  These will be exacerbated by their media stars, who will end up effectively putting their collective feet into their mouths.  The Earth is shifting and changing and there are movements that will be going on within large land masses, things not heard of before.  This can be a dangerous week in terms of Earth Changes.  Again, there is movement on the Sun, so take care to back up your electronics.  That galactic energy is moving closer, and it is exerting a pull on our solar system that can kead to strange effects.  Astronomers will be watching this.  The dimensions are getting closer, so there will be some popping in and out of things.  Look also for some things happening in the area of religions which will try to deal with all that is going on.  Travel can be tough this week.  This is all aprt of the coming together of various pieces of the larger puzzle that is 2012.

Sunday, April 29:    Frosty White

This is a day on which you will be wanting to bring things out into the open.  You are feeling as though what you have been working on is ready now for a larger audience.  While this may be true, the current atmosphere does not welcome novelty or unexpected events.  It is best to step back and develop a master plan.  Be the observer and see how people are acting and reacting.  The energies are crazier every day, making people’s reactions less predictable.  It is best to has an intuitive feel for what is going on before taking a step.  Aso use the wisdom of your heart to know which is the best audience.  Presenting things to the wrong people can cause them to become pushed aside.

Crystal Vibe:    Glory Blue Gate—-This stone assists one in transmitting and interpreting the light of the spirit as it enters in through the Throat.  Resonates with the Throat Chakra.

Monday, April 30:

There is a good possibility that this April will go out like a lion, so be prepared for confrontations.  When they happen, the best response is to step back and take a look at what exactly is going on and what exactly is being said.  Also, it is a good idea to remove yourself from that atmosphere.  Things tends to brew in small spaces today.  This includes mental as well as physical spaces.  This is a day on which you or others can become fixated on a certain thought or idea to the point of obsession.  Step back from that one also and take a look at it.  Right now, lots of things are surfacing, as hints of the greater pattern emerge. You are changing.  It is time to honor that and just be with the change.  Do not try to force it.

Crystal Vibe:    Psilomelane—-The energy of this mineral assists one in grounding.  It also can help in releasing stuckness and toxins in many of the layers of the body.  Resonates with the Root Chakra.

Tuesday, May 1:    Apricot

There is a peace in the morning that will be more than made up for in the afternoon as things begin to spiral out of control.  If you have things you are working on, back them up, set them in stone, get your models done before noon, because the energy of the afternoon today can shake things up.  Make sure you have everything you need before going out.  Check and double check, take along some extras just-in-case.  The Trickster is about, and he has some surprises in store.  Be alert for information that will be coming today in unusual ways.  The pattern is emerging in this energy and you will be glimpsing more of it.

Wednesday, May 2:    Cloudy White

Things are not clear today.  People are muddled and out of sorts.  This is not a day on which a lot of things will get done.  Put aside your expectations and enjoy the ride.  In the current energy many things that have been hidden or out of the way are popping to the surface.  If you are observant, aware, or even awake there is much that you can learn, especially about one issue that has been confounding you for some time now.  Be alert today and take nothing for granted.  You can learn much that way, as well as gain some important insights as to what is coming next.

Crystal Vibe:    Analcime—-This mineral works to bring into alignment energies that have vibrational frequencies that tend towards instability.  Resonates with the Crown Chakra.

Thursday, May 3:    Cherry Rose

What started slowly and without promise will end with a flourish, a zing, and a grand hurrah.  Take time today to savort every moment.  Yes, the morning can be confusing.  There are many different strands and elements in the air.  Nothing has settled, however by mid-morning, there will be a leveling out and a sifting through.  Things will be clearer.  Today is a day for seeing things as they are and knowing them in their true essence.  It is a day to step into your power.  To be strong enough to accept what you know is true and to act on that.  There will never be a better time.  The energies are settling today, albeit briefly.  If you can seize that time, then things will become more clear.  You can get some answers.

Crystal Vibe:    Morganite—This stone allows for leaving it behind, moving on, and opening to the wisdom of the true heart.  Resonates with the Heart Chakra.

Friday, May 4:    Rose Tint

The beat goes on, as they say.  More and more comes faster and faster.  It is time to see things for what they are.  The rapid pace allows for you to take what you desire and let the rest go.  Choose wisely.  There are decisions to be made in this energy that will affect you and your movement throughout this year.  There is a wise one deep within your soul.  If you are confused or uncertain, turn to the true wisdom of your heart which is linked to Universal Consciousness, and a light will shine.  This is a day for knowing that you are never alone.  Even in your most solitary and despairing moments, you are not alone.

Crystal Vibe:    Galena—-The energy of this mineral brings balance and perspective.  It can assist in bringing one into alignment with the here and now while opening a window to the larger picture.  Resonates with the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras.

Saturday, May 5:    Hazy White

There is a kind of drowsiness that pervades the energy of the day.  Things will not be terribly clear.  You can see things that are not there and wonder if they are there, because, perhaps, they are there…. But then they could not be there…..  These kinds of exchanges will be common today.  It is important to ground yourself and stay centered throughout the day.  The balance ifs off right now, and nothing will be as it should.  Stay away from emotional conversations.  Look.  Observe.  Let action take a back seat to everything else.  This is not a time for doing, rathier it is a good day for marinating.

Crystal Vibe:    Vivianite—-This mineral takes the etheric and brings it into the physical through intention and awareness.  Resonates with the Third Eye, Crown, and Ninth Chakras.