April 15-21

Due to some computer issues and the fact that I have been traveling, this week’s Chromoscope is greatly abbreviated.  Thanks for your understanding.

Overall Color for the Week:   White Quartz

So, it is pretty obvious that something is up this week, and how you will relate to it, where you stand in relation to it, and how you will be affected by it are all up to you.  There is much going on on the outside with people. places, and things in turmoil, much of which they are attempting to shift onto others.  You must decide what is your and what does not belong to you.  Stay in your power and do not take on stuff that is really someone else’s concern.  The lessons continue and ‘s/he who does not learn from history is forced to repeat it.’    Look back on what you had realized last week, and know that there is more to come.  There can be some similarities in the lessons as you are being given an opportunity to get out of the stuckness.  Emotions will be close to the surface.  There will be tears.  There will be laughter.  Stay centered and grounded;  The patterns are beginning to emerge.  Tribes are beginning to form.

On the larger scale, there will be very little consistency.  Everything will b e in a state of turmoil.  In this kind of energy, there can be upsets in many areas, including politics, finance, weather, health, Earth movements, etc.  It is a good time for new inventions and revelations to come out.  There are a number of different strands at work here, so be aware.  Some of the things that may be touted as terrible, awful, disastrous, can turn out to be the very best things ever.  There is a Trickster at work in the Universal energies, and he sees the larger pattern.

Thursday, April19:    Grainy White

Very little is clear today, so do not expect things to come out into the open.  This can lead to some frustration as there are those out there with agendas and schedules and many have targeted this date.  This is a common occurrence in this energy, where things are mapped out and programmed for a specific time, but it just does not come together.  Your reaction will determine how you are handling the energy.  Right now everything in your super-world rests upon  you, your decisions, your actions, your preparedness, your spirit, your connectedness.  Take it from there.  But do look within and see things with an objective eye.  The energies are very crazy right now. and we are not always in control.  You need to know how much you own of all of this.  Take time to ground and center.  Work from your core.  The true eyes of the Heart Connection will bring everything into focus.  Th evening brings an interesting parting of the energies.  You can find a new clarity in this.

Friday, April 20:    Deep Purple

Things today seem somewhat muted and toned down.  There will not be a lot of clarity coming to the surface, but the hints are there of the changes that are stirring.  You will see this in how people are behaving towards you.,  You will feel it in your changed response to ordinary things.  Take time and space to look at this.  You have been changing your patterns, ideas, preferences, etc.  Much of this has gone unnoticed by you, b ut the current energy is asking you to slow down and see what is going on.  There is much to be gained from this.  You will see that your priorities are shifting.  Honor that, but know why and wherefore.  SOme interesting messages are out there for you today.  Be alert for them.