Earthquake off Coast of Guatemala

Moderate deep earthquake close to the Guatemala coast

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Earthquake overview :  A moderate deep earthquake occurred at 7:30 local Guatemala time. The depth of the hypocenter will make this earthquake being felt in a wide.

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Update 13:59 UTC  : NO damage or injuries are expected due to this earthquake

Update 13:59 UTC  : The current earthquake is the third earthquake in the same area in less than 1 hour. The other 2 were respectively 4.6 and 5.0

Update 13:59 UTC  : Based on the I Have Felt It reports from USGS, we can report that the earthquake was experienced as a MMI II-III shaking

Update 13:49 UTC  : false alarm as the earthquake was very deep (96 km) which weakens the shaking very much

Update : focal depth is unknown at the moment (varies strongly depending on the source)

Update : Epicenter approx. 30 km inland of the Guatemala coast

Update : Seismogical agencies are currently calculating the earthquake data. Preliminary readings are mentioning 5.0 to 5.5 magnitude range.

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